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BGVP Q2s TWS Review

BGVP’s second TWS, the first was Q2, didn’t take attention so much because there was nothing special about it including sound. The Q2s on the other hand has some specs that took my attention when I first read about it.

First, it comes with Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip which promises better sound quality, more stable connection, and lowers power consumption.

The second Q2s has a hybrid setup with a 6mm Bio-diaphragm dynamic driver and one Knowles RAF-32873 balanced armature driver which shows that BGVP is serious about the sound quality this time.

And third and which is the more appealing spec for me is BGVP Q2s is both a wireless earphone and also a wired earphone with its MMCX connection onboard. There is no MMCX cable in the box though, keep that in mind. Those who first time will buy an earphone, they must buy an MMCX cable separately, if they plan to use the wired option too, which makes the cost higher. BGVP Q2s sells for 76$.

BGVP Q2s Review

Q2s comes in 3 colors as black, blue, and purple like my review unit.

BGVP Q2s Review 2

In the box, you get 6 pairs of ear tips, 3 wide bore black silicone, 3 narrow bore white silicone, a USB-A to Type-C charging cable and a carrying pouch.

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The charging case has a soft touch from the outside, more plasticky inside. Can charge the earphones 3 times with full charge, BGVP Q2s has a battery life of around 7 hours on a single charge, which is a good number.

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BGVP Q2s is made from skin-friendly resin and has a very unique faceplate design, in which each pair has its own signature.

BGVP Q2s Review 5

Q2s have support for wired mmcx connection, but no cable included in the box, must be bought separately.

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BGVP Q2s Review 9

Can you see the differences in design?

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How about now?

TWS’s normally have more height, for the electronic parts to make them wireless and all the touch control stuff etc. This is very normal, and therefore they stick out more from your ears comparing to IEMs.  But the thing with the BGVP Q2s is they are also shorter in length for an ergonomic fit in the human ear. BGVP’s own VG4 IEM fits perfectly. TRN T300 TWS, even having the height also fits perfect and you barely feel them in your ears after some time. With the Q2s, you never forget them! You need to push them hard in your ears for the right sound, and because of the design, they don’t sit in your outer ear as they should be and create a pressure that you always feel. Never had an issue like that before because I have average man ears. I really wonder who tested this shape.


Where should I begin? I never had so many problems with a Bluetooth gear before. You see I use my Windows PC mainly for testing and it has an Intel BT 5 card in it (with 2 x 8dDi antenna). If I should give you an example it connects with TRN T300 TWS (also BT 5.2) in 1-2 seconds and never drops the connection again.

First I thought that Q2s does not support seamless connecting in which you open the box’s cover and the connection is done. But I was wrong, it supports. But with BGVP Q2s the connection time is around 10-15 seconds!

Today, after I’m done with the wired test part, I disconnected the wire to begin the wireless test part. Listened to a couple of tracks. Then I decided to test the un-connection time. Put the Q2s in their charging box and shot down the cover and started waiting. The music on my PC still continued to play and I can hear music from the closed charging box. Disabled the BT on my PC, it stopped. Waited for a couple of seconds and enabled the BT again the music started again, in the closed box! It only stopped after I plugged the charging cable. Thank God!

About phone connection. I’m using a Google Pixel 3a. You enable BT, start to search for a new BT headphone, after a couple of seconds you see “Q2s” on the screen and normally tap on it to pair. The connection is done very quickly and you open your favorite music app on your phone, start the first track. But you hear nothing! There is no sound coming from Q2s even the pairing seems normal. It took me 15-20 minutes to figure it out. When you first search for the Q2s you need to wait! First you see one Q2s on your screen, after a couple of seconds you see another Q2s, but wait, not there yet, after you see the 3rd Q2s gear on your screen with a headphone icon on it, now you can tap to pair and there is sound. Thank God.

I think BGVP tested the Q2s with iOS only and did forget to test it with Android.


BGVP Q2s Review 7

Mmcx wired connection

Gears used: Windows PC > Khadas Tone2 Pro DAC > xDuoo MT-604 AMP > Balanced output.

The setup that I’m using for desktop listening and tests is a killer setup, one of the best DAC/AMP combos which really helps to hear the real potential of an IEM, and the BGVP Q2s sounds good with it. Lows with a body and good kick, mids (vocals and instruments) again with good tonality, clear and warm sounding. And treble is there in the same good tonality. Does not extend much to upper levels therefore never sounds sharp. Staging and separation are average. In short, we can say that BGVP is very well balanced with a bit of emphasis on the lows that makes the final sound very fun to listen to.

Now comes a big BUT. This is a wired test with a good setup and probably no one out there will buy the Q2s to listen wired and in a setup like this. You can get much better IEMs around 70$-80$ like Moondrop Aria or Whizzer Kylin HE01 for better sound in general if you count the wired option of Q2s. The wired test from my phone’s 3.5mm output (also tested with a USB DAC to see if more power will help) sounded worse as you may expect, nothing special for the price (again comparing to wired IEMs around the same price range).

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In Q2s’s introduction on BGVP’s website, it says after you disconnect from Bluetooth and plug the mmcx cable in, the earphone should go in hi quality wired playback mode. No, it does not. Tried 2 different mmcx cables, BT mode stays still on. First you must be sure that the earphone is in off mode.

Bluetooth Connection

Strangely the wireless listening test was on par with the wired as sound quality (with wired test with my phone). Normally you would expect better sound in a wired state like better low-frequency performance, a better separation that you can miss on a low bandwidth BT earphone (comparing to wired connection). But no, there was not a significant difference, hi quality wired playback mode? The conclusion about this would be why to put the wired option on a TWS if it won’t sound better from 3.5mm output like your smartphone or laptop or you name it. The sound in BT mode is powerful enough from the Q2s, you don’t need full volume levels like in many TWS’s out there.


I know I did not cover other aspects reviewing a TWS like phone call quality, gaming (delay) performance, etc. You can find these in other reviews for sure. For best call quality you probably will get a TWS with ANC support. Or for casual wireless freedom in a daily routine, you can get a cheaper TWS.  For better looks, ok I admit, BGVP Q2s really look good, very unique with owner special faceplates. For me, as a reviewer, the most important part is how good an earphone sounds for the given price. If it functions without problems of course. Q2s had the potential if it really sounded better in hi-quality in wired mode and also being a TWS would be a plus that you get with it. To be honest I wouldn’t be interested in Q2s if it wasn’t the wired mmcx option which didn’t worked for me.

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