My Audio journey in 2020  🙂
Blon 03
Bqeyz KC2
Bqeyz Spring 1
Ourart Wine
Sony Mhl1c
Pioneer DJE-1500
Final E4000
Co-Donguri Brass
Yamaha EPH-100
Kinera Idun
IMR R2 Red
VE Odyssey
Shanling UP2 (Connected to my PC 7/24)
Hilidac Atom Pro (MQA)
Hiby R3 (MQA)
iFi EarBuddy
and some cables including 2.5mm balanced ones to test if there is any difference between 3.5mm unbalanced.
12 IEMs, monthly one new toy to test 🙂
My beginning toys for 2021 :
BGVP DM8 (Thank you BGVP for your support) Update: Get lost in shipping, BGVP refused to send another 🙁
Khadas Tone2 Pro DAC/AMP (Thank you HiFiGo for your support)
Stay tuned for reviews in in 2021
Happy New Year for all Audio/Music Lovers Around the World!
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