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S.M.S.L SU-9N (non-MQA)

SMSL provides another option for music lovers who are not interested in the MQA function, the SMSL SU-9n. It is an non-MQA version of the SU-9 but also promises further improved sound performance and useful versatile functions.

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SU-9n is also equipped with ESS Sabre ES9038Pro chip but combined with high-performance power supply chip ES9311. SU-9n has a total harmonic distortion (THD+N) down to 0.00006%, its signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINAD) is at an even 130 dB for XLR. It adopts a CK-02 clock processing circuit to achieve ultra-low clock jitter, and with the DPLL setting, it could avoid the sound interruption when the clock stability of the input signal is not good.

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SU-9n is capable of decoding numerous lossless formats that include PCM streams up to 32bit, 768Khz, and native DSD decoding up to DSD512, and all inputs support DSD streaming, including coaxial and optical (DoP64). With the support of Bluetooth 5.0 transmission, supporting LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC, it is convenient to broadcast your music remotely, directly from a smartphone.

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It comes with built-in shielded, low noise power supply processing while improving power efficiency, lower power consumption, also specially designed discrete component linear regulated power supply and multiple low noise regulated power supplies to provide low noise power for analogue circuits. Having brightness and dimmer settings, you can adjust the light from the 1.9-inch display.



  • Flagship ES9038Pro DAC chip.
  • High-performance ES9311 power supply chip.
  • True 32-Bit XMOS XU208 USB receiver.
  • New CK-02 Clock Processing Circuit with Ultra-low phase noise and optimized clock system.
  • Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chip.
  • High-resolution LDAC, AptX HD, SBC, AAC wireless transmission support.
  • Gold-plated input & output ports.
  • 1.9” TFT LCD with Tempered glass panel.
  • Built-in Shielded, low noise power supply.
  • Specially designed discrete component linear regulated power supply.
  • High-end components such as OPA1612 dual OPAMPs are used to ensure high-quality performance.
  • JAS Hi-Res Audio Certified.
  • Fully functional remote control.

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  • Inputs: USB/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth.
  • PCM Decoding: 32-Bit/768kHz(USB), 24-Bit/192kHz(Coaxial/Optical).
  • DSD Decoding: Native DSD512(USB), DSD64(Coaxial/Optical).
  • RCA/XLR Outputs.
  • Output Level(Pre-Mode): 4.8Vrms(XLR), 2.3Vrms(RCA).
  • Output Level(Fixed Line-Out): 4.3Vrms(XLR), 2.0Vrms(RCA).
  • THD+N: 0.000065%(-123.5dB), 0.000055%(-125dB, A-Weighted).
  • Dynamic Range: 130dB(XLR), 123dB(RCA).
  • SNR: 130dB.
  • Output Impedance: 207Ω(XLR), 142Ω(RCA).
  • Asyncrhonized USB transmission.
  • USB Compatibility: Windows 7 and above. Mac OSX and above, Linux.
  • Power Consumption: 5W.
  • Standby Power: <0.5W.
  • Size: 187.5x154x40mm(WxHxD).
  • Weight: 0.79kg.

Price: $399.99

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