TRI i3 MK3 Review 6

TRI i3 MK3 Review

TRI i3 MK3 Review – A Big Surprise

The TRI I3 MK3 has 3 types of driver tech used in IEMs and it is a triple-driver hybrid IEM consisting of one 10mm planar magnetic driver, a 10mm dynamic driver, and a single BA driver.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

To fully utilize all the characteristics of three kinds of drivers, three independent acoustic chambers were set and well-adjusted. What i3 MK3 wants to show is a cohesive and balanced sound, so to maintain the same consistency, they used three grades of KNOWLES acoustic damping to adjust the density of the DD, BA, and Planar drivers, filter out roughness and sibilance in the sound, ensuring a cleaner sound overall.

To recreate an expansive soundstage, TRI redesigned the whole acoustic structure of i3 MK3 and rebuilt this flagship 10MM Beryllium diaphragm DD to provide enough room for air exchange, both inner and outer. The better the air exchange efficiency, the bigger the soundstage.

The driver for mids is so important and the SONION 2356 BA model series was selected for this task. As a classic series, the SONION 23xx was widely used in many flagship IEMs. The 2356 stands up excellent acoustic performance, delivering a balanced and natural sound signature with strong resolution and rich detail, and making sure the same timbre and resolution of full range as a flagship.

Beryllium diaphragm dynamic drivers are very suitable for the hybrid driver IEMs because of the timbre, the lighter diaphragm responds quicker than common dynamic drivers, so this DD provides better resolution like the 2356 BA and planar drivers, and i3 MK3 adopted the advantages of three kinds of drivers and made them sound like one driver.

The TRI I3Pro comes with a medium-sized box packaging. Inside the box, an ample number of necessary items such as a nice and sturdy rectangular leather case, 2 pairs of blue foam tips, 3 types of silicone ear tips (3 x 6), a cleaning brush, a warranty book, a nice cleaning cloth, and a TRI Audio branded OCC Silver plated cable are included.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

I know I’m saying this occasionally, but i3 MK3’s cable is the most amazing stock cable you can get in this price range. It just has the perfect width, weight, and softness. I must credit TRI Audio for including this amount of accessories in the box and also point out the quality of the stock cable.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

Onto the IEM itself, the shells are made from aluminum alloy metal. The shells are very well designed, at least for my ears, they are very ergonomic and fit perfectly into my middle-size ears, they are also very lightweight. And they have a nice matte purple color.

TRI i3 MK3 Review



  • Brand: TRI
  • Model: i3 MK3
  • Drivers: DD+ BA+ Planar
  • PIanar: 10mm with 14*52
  • DD: 10mm Berylium-plated Diaphragm
  • BA: Sonion 2356
  • Impedance: 21 Ohm
  • Plug: 4.4mm Balanced Plug
  • Sensitivity: 104±1dB @1KHz
  • FR range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Color: Purple
  • Pins: 2 pin
  • Cavity: CNC Aluminum Alloy
  • Cable: Coaxial OCC Silver plated Wire (120cm)
  • Price: $199

I want to thank KEEPHiFi for providing me with the review sample of the TRI i3 MK3.


TRI i3 MK3 Review

TRI i3 MK3 is tuned with great precision and accuracy. The tuning prevents the bass from bleeding into the lower midsection. The detail level is also good. The bass is controlled, powerful, and quite exciting to listen to.

Starting with the lower mids, the sound follows a recipe of linearity. I would easily say that this smart move ensures that the signature stays airy and a general sense of air is present. The overall signature feels quite spacious, as well as the stage and the space between the instruments.

It has precise sound delivery, crisp resolution, and a fast, dynamic bass response.


The TRI i3 MK3 boasts a bass response that is nimble yet solid. With its fast and punchy delivery, it produces a bass experience that is both exhilarating and satisfying.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

Listeners can expect to hear kick drums that are snappy and precise, with ample impact and weight behind them, giving a sense of power and energy to the music. The bass guitar, which many recent IEMs delegated to the back corner of the room, is brought to the forefront thanks to the upper bass not being excessively scooped out. The result is a more immersive listening experience.

The TRI i3 MK3’s bass perfectly balances power and restraint. It feels powerful without being overpowering, allowing other elements of the music to shine through without being dominated. The bass notes are rich and full, with a natural decay that adds warmth and depth to the music.

TRI i3 MK3 Review


The TRI i3 MK3’s midrange is delightful, with a balance of clarity and richness that is hard to come by at this price. The mids sound pristine, letting all the details of the music shine through, but without sounding too lean or thin.

Vocals, whether male or female, sound lush and full-bodied, yet also articulate and detailed. You can hear the nuances and emotions in the singing, making for an immersive listening experience. The spacing between instruments and vocals is also noteworthy, creating a sense of space and depth that adds to the realism of the music.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

Midrange notes sound organic and smooth, without any harshness or roughness. At the same time, they have a light and refreshing quality that makes the music feel airy and lively. This balance of warmth and liveliness is what sets the TRI i3 MK3’s midrange apart and makes it a standout feature.


TRI i3 MK3’s treble is a nice balance of lightness and detail. It’s light and airy, with good extension that allows it to shine in the higher frequency ranges. It’s also detailed and precise, allowing for clear and crisp hi-hats and cymbals. The treble is also notable for being smooth and non-fatiguing, making for a comfortable listening experience even over extended periods.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

The subtle treble lift is one of the key elements of TRI i3 MK3’s clarity. It provides clean transient attacks, giving instruments such as cymbals and percussion a sense of immediacy and realism. The leading edges of percussion instruments are clean and precise, adding to the overall realism of the music. While it might not dig up every micro detail, it still offers a good amount of information.

Soundstage and Technical Performance

The TRI i3 MK3 offers a good level of soundstage, providing a sense of depth and width to the overall listening experience.

TRI i3 MK3 Review

The additional bass fullness enhances the depth of the stage, while the crisp highs contribute to a wider soundstage. The positional cues are accurate and the instrument separation is above average. The level of detail retrieval is exceptional for the price point, providing a reasonable amount of information without any significant loss. Overall, the TRI i3 MK3 is a well-rounded in-ear monitor that is on par with its peers in a technical sense.

TRI i3 MK3 Review


The i3 MK3 is the TRI’s best-sounding IEM so far, thanks to its exceptional tuning. This IEM became my daily driver for everything like listening to music, watching videos, and even gaming. The TRI i3 MK3 suits all these tasks very well, a great all-rounder in a great package, a big surprise in a good way. An easy recommendation from me.