TRN-TA2 is the latest model for TRN’s TA series after the TA1 which came out at the beginning of this year. TA2 is a 2BA+1DD hybrid in-ear monitor in a shell made from alloy and resin, unlike the TRN-TA1 which is 1BA+1DD in a metal shell.

The TA2 utilizes an advanced 8mm carbon nanotube driver. Highly-advanced carbon nanotube dual-magnetic dynamic driver with close to 1 Tesla of magnetic flux density, this CNT dynamic driver delivers full, robust and fast bass response with exceptionally deep sub-bass extension.TRN TA2 4The incorporation of a dual magnet system greatly improves drivability, without the need for a high-powered source. Equipped with two Knowles 33518 balanced armature drivers for a silky-smooth and rich midrange with nature timbre, crisp vocals, clear and airy highs without fatigue.TRN TA2 7


Frequency response: 7Hz-40KHz
Connector type: 2Pin
Impedance: 16Ohm
Sensitivity: 118dB
Weight (Headphone + cable): 8.4g+15g
Colours: Alpine blue/ Rose pink /Midnight black/Moonlight silver
Cable length: 1.25m:5cm