As you may already know ,the ZUK brand belongs to Lenovo. ZUK Z1 came last year with an affordable price and elegant design, including finger print sensor and 64GB storage option powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and sold many even Lenovo was surprised with the sale numbers. This year, 2 models came from ZUK brand, ZUK Z2 Pro and ZUK Z2, both having powerfull Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 cipsets inside, both with minimum 4GB of RAM’s  ( ZUK Z2 Pro has a 6GB Ram variant too) and plus many more new feutures, you can read full details here :

ZUK Z2 Pro : OnePlus 3 vs ZUK Z2 Pro vs Le Max 2 vs Xiaomi Mi5: Ultimate Flagship Comparison!

ZUK Z2 : ZUK Z2 Review – Beautiful and Fast

Today we will learn how to flash roms with Qfil, Qualcomm’s own flasher software and this will also will be our “Unbrick Guide” for Lenovo/ZUK Qualcomm-based phones.

Remember to check our guide about Qualcomm based Xiaomi phones too : Xiaomi Phones (Qualcomm models): How To Flash Global Multilanguage ROM + Mega UNBRICK Guide

So our “How To” guides are unique as they are alternative ROM flashing guides (without the need of flashing recovery’s, without the need of rooting, and works even with locked bootloaders) + Unbrick guides in just one single method.

I will use a Lenovo Vibeshot as an example today, came as bricked from a reader, stuck on Lenovo Logo, no recovery menu, no system menu ( volume “-” + power ). My screenshots will be based on this model, so don’t let my ROM files or configurations confuse you. I’m sharing ZUK Z1’s Qfil ROM link in the article, please ask for other model’s QPST/Qfil rom files in the comments if needed.

The method that we will use today is Qualcomm’s own method to flash ROMs to supported models, and it’s not forbidden from the maker, if it’s not hidden. I mean you can’t use this method on every Qualcomm based phone like LG, Samsung or HTC. Those makers never will allow their customers to rescue their bricked phones by themselves, they have their service centers worldwide and work so hard to leave Qualcomm’s own structure, in order to create their own ROM structure. So, users have to go to their manufacturer service centers if they brick their phones.

This is why I like Chinese brands much more, most of them are unbrickable in this way, because, again, most of them use Qualcomm’s structure and we can find that kind of  “Qfil” ROMs online. In time we will learn how to unbrick them all.

Most Lenovo Qualcomm models have the same ROM structure and this guide can be applied to all. There may be some exceptions, of course, like some old models running Snapdragon 800’s or some models that are being sold only to network service providers around the world like Vodafone,  and not to customers directly. Remember ? Service center policy ?

Before we start, let’s take a look at the downloads :

Lenovo and ZUK phone Windows USB drivers

QPST/Qfil Qualcomm Flasher ( build 430 recommended for now, using myself )

Qualcomm Diag port drivers

ZUK Z1 CM12.1 Qfil Rom

All drivers I’m sharing here are signed drivers, so no need to disable Windows driver enforcement like we did in our first guide for Xiaomi.

Before we begin, let me remind you, this method will wipe your phone completely and bring it to “out of box” factory mode. So backing up your important data is a must! If your phone is already bricked and can’t power on or is stuck at logo, there is not much to do for your data.


First, we need to install adb on our computers, and for that, we will use a program called “adb setup“, thanks to Snoop05 from XDA-Developers, this will enable adb and fastboot commands to work on our systems. It will also install necessary adb drivers. There are many ways to do that but what is more important about Snoop05’s solution is that we can use adb and fastboot commands system-wide, this means our old “command prompt” will turn to accept this commands, and no need to work in the “adb” folder like we used to before. Then install Lenovo and ZUK phone Windows USB drivers + Qualcomm Diag port drivers on your system.


On Lenovo phones to enable USB debugging, click “USB debugging (ADB)” under “USB computer connection” from the pop-up window when you plug the USB cable.  On ZUK Z1, if Cyanogen Rom is installed, go to settings> about phone, and click “Build number” couple of times till you see you are a developer message. Then back to settings>Developer opitons>USB debugging, click it and allow. Your system will install necessary”adb” drivers. Now open command prompt and type :

adb devices



Look at your phone for the Allow USB debugging? message, select Always allow from this computer and click OK. If you forget to allow from phone, the command will return unauthorized, if OK you will see your phone as device .


Install QPST build 430 on your PCs. After setup finishes go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin” folder and locate QFIL.exe, create a shortcut on your desktop, or continue to work from bin folder, as you like.

locate qfil





After you downloaded your ROM and unzipped it, run “QFIL.exe”.  Select “Flat Build” option under “Select Build Type”, then click “Browse” under “Select Programmer” and locate the mbn file that is starting with “prog_emmc_firehose”. In my example its “prog_emmc_firehose_8936.mbn”, 8936 is the code number for Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset, for ZUK Z1 it will be “prog_emmc_firehose_8974.mbn”, 8974 is the code for Snapdragon 801 series.



Then, under “Download” click “Load XML” tab at the right end of the window, the pop-up window will locate the rawprogram0.xml that we need. After you select it and click “Open”  another pop-up window will come automatically and show you “patch0.xml” to select .



After necessary files are selected, the Qfil configuration should look like this :




Now it’s time to open our so called Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 service port to work with. If your phone is in working condition, we will use an adb command from command prompt :

“adb reboot edl”



If your phone is bricked / can’t boot up / stuck at logo / restarting itself continuously, then we will use the key combination to open our Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 service port. That key combination depends on the ROM that you had on your phone before it’s bricked.

If you were on Lollipop : Phone must be completely off. Pressing “Volume Up” key plug the USB cable in WITHOUT PRESSING POWER BUTTON !  Port will open.

If you were on Marshmallow : Phone must be completely off. Plug the USB cable in and immediately press Power On button. Port will open.




Qfil will recognize HS-USB Qdloader 9008 port and “Download” tab/option will be ready to click. Click it immediately if you opened the port with key combination because after 5 seconds phone will restart, if you click “Download” in time, the Qfil will hold the port and start flashing our ROM. If you opened the port with adb command, no need to hurry, port will stay open as long as you press power button long enough to reset.



Look at the “Status” window. If you see “Switch To FireHose and Wait for 3 seconds..” lines then everything seems fine, Qfil will start to flash our Qualcomm Lenovo/ZUK’s.  If you see “Download Fail” line at the end, please press power button long enough to reset the phone/port and try again.

Remember : Phone/port must be resetted after every attempt with Qfil.



After Qfil finishes flashing, in our example it took 2 Min. and 58 Sec., the phone will be reset from the program itself. You can close Qfil after you see “Waiting for reset done…”  ignoring any pop-up. Your phone is rescued/unbricked and  will boot with your new ROM. Congratulations !

Congratulations !

Please request Qfil Rom links of your Lenovo variant in the comments below. For new ZUK Z2 series, there are still no Qfil ROMs online. So if you bought one of those models, be careful for now and before flashing any rom, READ carefully!


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Abi Selam. Geçen gün miflash ile rom atmaya çalışırken dosya adresine ulaşılamıyor gibisinden birşey söyleyip işlem yarıda kaldı. telefon şu an hiç açılmıyor ses kısma artı açmaya falanda tepki vermiyo ama pcye takınca titriyor qfilde marshall london 9006 falan diye okuyo ne yapmalıyız 🙁


I recently purchased the ZUK Z2 Pro, it works well, very fast. I connected it to the United State’s AT&T APN and it connected to the network. The only issue is that it’s stuck in airplane mode even with airplane mode being off, when trying to make a call it says to turn off airplane mode. It could be an issue with ZUI 1.9.104 but i don’t even know how to update it to a newer ZUI version. Please help

Kardes merhaba.Lenovo zuk z2 pro(z2121) kullanicisiyim oncede belirttiyim gibi.Custom romdan stock roma sd card yoluyla gecis yapmak istedim ancak telefon zuk logosunda kaldi.bende twrp vasitasiyla telefonin dahili hafizasi haric tum belleyi sildim ve custom roma geri dondum.daha sonra qfil vasitasiyla stock roma gecis yapmak istedim bu seferde defalarca denememe ragmen sahara error verdi.Qfili tekrar tekrar yeniden kurmama ragmen sonuc deyismedi.Sonrasindada sizinde belirttiyiniz gibi miflash vasitasiyla stock romu flashladim miflashda bir sorun olmadi.daha sonra sizin dediyiniz gibi usb cable-dan ayirip power buttonuna basili tuttum ancak telefon acilmadi.bildiyim tum tus kombinasiyonunu denedim ama led isiklari bile yanmadi telefonun.Telefonu pcye bagladigim zaman qualcomm… Read more »
Asking for help, and excuse me for poor English . Accidentally flash ZUK Z1 MIUI rom on my Vibe Z2 Pro, and is bricked of course. Tried to save it with Qfil but it fail, Miflash fail too and ruined my partitions. Long story short, now my device doesn’t boot, blank screen, windows XP,7 and 10 recognise Qualcomm 9008 mode if i power it on without battery. With plugged battery recognised az Linux CD…something, without partitions. ADB and Fastboot doesn’t work on any case. On many tries, Qfil accept only ZUK Z1 rom, flashing fine but doesn’t boot off cource.… Read more »
Kardes merhaba.Azerbaycandan sevgiler selamlar.Kardes ben lenovo zuk z2 pro 128 gb kullaniyorum.Root erisimine ulasmak icin twrp recovery kurdum.daha sonra supersu flashladim ama telefon zuk ekraninda kaldi ve acilmadi.daha sonra recovery moda gectim ordan system dahil tum hafizayi sildim.twrp reboot system yaptigimda OS-in yuklu olmadigini soyledi.Anladigim kadariyla sistemi silmisim.birkac tane custom rom flashlamaya calistim ama twrp hata verdi.bu arada yalnizca twrp recovery vasitasiyla pcden custom romlari indiriyodum fastboot dahil diger hic bir vasitayla pcye erisemedim.daha sonra bir makalede bu telefonlarda romu indirmek icin stock recoverye ihtiyac oldugu belirtilmisti bende onu flashladim twrp vasitasiyla.simdi durum dahada zorlasti pcyle baglanti kuramiyorum.minimal adbye adb… Read more »

I become always this failer when I will flash my Bricked Z2 Pro

PATCH file path:zukZ2121_CN_OPEN_USER_Q01017.1_M_ZUI_2.3. 044_ST_161013_qpst.patch5.xml
Process Index:0
Start Download
COM Port number:10
Switch To EDL
Download Fail:Switch To EDL FailFailed to Switch to Emergency Download mode
Finish Download


i have a problem when trying to open the qualcomm drivers, im on custom ZUI 6.0.1 and my zuk won’t turn on at all. then the drivers can’t be recoqnize on my PC, what should I do next? 🙁


saying no port available bro…i pressed power on button…but no use


I have LG G3 phone when I upload a software the is shutdown now the phone is not starting what could I do please ans me


I’ve tried using QFIL however did not find the file “prog_emmc_firehose_8936.mbn” but not found in any of the ROM Stock and ROM Custom I downloaded.
Thank you very much.


Hello @androidbrick,
How are you? I hope well!
I bought a Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro (6GB / 128gb) on the site “banggood.com”. Although very good, the machine rebooted at least once a day. Unaware that the ROM was that the device was custom, I tried INSTALLING ROM Stock updated and now is in the infinite loop blue screen ZUK.
Can you tell if there is any solution?
Thank you very much.


Thankyou AndroidBrick I solved my zuk z1’s bootloop by following the above given procedure now it’s just orking great 🙂


Thankyou AndroidBrick i was stuck with a boot loop in my lenovo zuk z1 for past 3 days after seeing your website i got a solution i followed each and every step given above and you know what now my zuk z1 if working again in a very good condition 🙂 Thankyou

Hello @AndroidBrick, I have Vibe Z2 Pro (International-ROW version) and have definitely messed it up pretty bad and don’t have much idea on how to bring back to life. So basically, I flashed Cyanogenmod 13 on my phone but it wasn’t bug free so I decided to go back to Stock 5.0.2. After I went back to Stock rom, I started with the OTA updates process because there were some updates. While updating the phone, it got messed up and I think I might have ended up with a corrupted recovery. Currently, I am facing the following problem. Problem :… Read more »

Men, nice post I just bring back to life my ZUK Z1, but now i got a new problem, I can not acced to the bootloader and cant root my phone to change the recovery, there is any way to put (whit this metod) a Marshmellow rom so I cann have SU access and flash TWRP ? or there ir any method? following the steps in this post is my bootloader block? thanks


i Flash zuk z1 as per above given instruction, previously i unlock my phone and install marshmallow 6.0.1
how to lock bootloader after Qfil flash?


My Phone Zuk z1 Restart loop unlimited
I Connect & do instruction given from Site “http://www.androidbrick.com/lenovo-zuk-phones-qfil-roms-unbrick-guide/”
Flash my phone & Phone is ok but i have 1 more issue

I install Custom Rom for Updating Marshmallow by unrooting phone , how to install lenovo Zuk z1 Rom???


Hi everybody! I have a Zuk Z2 (not the Pro version) and I really need a working and stable multilanguage ROM for it. Even though I’d love for it to be in portuguese BR, english is also fine. I’ve been searching and I can’t seem to find any that don’t have downsides and bugs as led or swipping onthe main button not working. Can anyone help me on this?

Hi everyone, I have a Zuk Z2 ( not the Pro one ), and I think I successfully bricked my phone, again, but now I’m unable to restore it, I want to restore the original rom / bootloader, and I re-locked the bootloader successfully, but the recovery it’s not the original one, but an International version of twrp, and now my phone stack at Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E (COM3), my computer was reinstalled, but I’m unable to change 900E to 9008. If open the QPST Service Programming application there mentioned that the phone is in Download state maybe somebody have… Read more »