AFUL MagicOne

AFUL MagicOne

AFUL MagicOne – Single BA Driver IEMs

AFUL’s latest IEM the MagicOne comes with only a single balanced armature driver. But this custom BA driver is something special made by AFUL.

The output end of the balanced armature driver unit is connected to a sound guide tube to form a mid-bass part, and the output end of the balanced armature driver unit is connected to a guide tube and forms the mid-high-pitched part; compared with the prior art, the mid-high-pitched part and the mid-bass part are respectively formed by the sound wave band-pass filter formed by the sound guide tube main classification number 1 and sound wave low-pass filter for processing to obtain a smooth, wide-ranging sound curve to achieve high-quality playback effect of low-cost headphones, reaching The sound quality of the Hi-Fi level, hence achieving the purpose of the present invention.

AFUL MagicOne

Sound Signature

Despite using only a single balanced armature driver unit, our MagicOne delivers a powerful and massive sound. It presents a high-density audio experience across a wide frequency range. With a touch of warmth, the overall quality of the pair can be compared to that of a 4 BA driver IEM or even a dynamic driver IEM. The connection between each frequency band is flawless, ensuring consistent and accurate sound response.


The unique acoustic cavity design of the MagicOne allows for a powerful and elastic bass response, similar to what you would expect from a dynamic driver. However, it still maintains the high-density sound quality typically associated with a Balanced Armature (BA) driver.

AFUL MagicOne


The midrange performance of the MagicOne is accurate and realistic, particularly when it comes to vocals. The sound is fuller and carries a slight warmth, enhancing the details and providing a lifelike tone.


In terms of treble, the MagicOne utilizes a specially developed Balanced Armature driver unit. This allows for excellent extension in the treble range, reaching up to 18KHz before gradually tapering off. While the treble may be slightly bright, it is not harsh or fatiguing, creating accurate sound reproduction for various instruments.


When it comes to resolution, the MagicOne offers a smooth and extended full-frequency response. This means that both vocals and instruments can be enjoyed with precise and accurate sound presentation, enhancing the overall listening experience.


Price: $139.99, will be released 11/11.