OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks

OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks

OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks – How To Add Second Launcher

And getting the closest look as the Global Rom including Google Feed

This guide will show how to get rid of unwanted Chinese apps or hide them from the system as much as we can. For the launcher, I will use “Lawnchair Launcher” because it supports Google Feed integration like in the Global OPPO Roms and the interface is easy to use and supports hiding Apps from the Drawer. For the best results I recommend setting up the phone from the beginning as I do, but you can start from any section you want of course.

OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks - How To Add Second Launcher

I will try as simple and as basic as I can using screenshots so let’s start, we have around 70 screenshots ahead of us 🙂

First Setup 

OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks - How To Add Second Launcher


OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks - How To Add Second Launcher

Unselect everything on this screen.

OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks - How To Add Second LauncherUnselect everything on this screen too.
OPPO Find X6 Pro Hacks - How To Add Second Launcher

Go to settings and Home screen & Lock screen


Select Drawer mode and click Apply.


Launch the Drawer (short swipe up from down) click manage from the top right and click Select.


Select the APPs you want to uninstall from the system. You can select 24 Apps at one time so you need to do that 2 times.


I will replace most of the default Apps like ‘Music’ and “Mail’ etc, you can keep them of course, if you want to keep using those, you can only uninstall the Chinese Apps.


2nd time.


Here are the Apps I kept, I will replace some later, like my My Files with Google Files, etc.


Now open the Browser App, and go to google.com.


Search for ‘google play apk’ and click the link apkmirror.com.


Click the latest version (down arrow icon).


And download the ‘APK’ version, not the ‘BUNDLE” version.




Go to downloads click the downloaded App and click Allow.






Sign in to your Google account.




Type ‘keyboard’ in the search box and install Gboard or any other Keyboard App you want.


Click Enable in settings and enable in settings 🙂


Select Input Method and make Gboard your default keyboard App.


Download your desired Browser App. I’m using Brave, it’s based on Chrome and comes with a built-in Adblocker.


Run Brave select it and click ‘set as default’.


Search for ‘lawnchair’, go to lawnchair.app/downloads, and download all 3 apps.


Click the 3 dots at the bottom right, and go to Downloads.


Install all 3 and run Lawnchair, give the permissions.


Download the Google App from the Play Store and run it.


Go to ‘Device & app notifications’ in settings, select Lawnchair, and allow notification access.


Go to ‘Device admin apps’ under ‘System security’ in the settings


Select Lawnchair and Activate.


Go to ‘App battery management’ in the settings, and click both Google and Lawnfeed.


And activate all options for both.


And we have our Google feed up and running like in Global Roms, swiping from the left.


Go to Home screen & Lock screen in settings and select ‘Notification drawer’ in the ‘Swipe down on Home screen’ instead of Global Search.


Go to Breeno Suggestions and disable them.

Are you still with me? 🙂 Now we are going to do some deep stuff to be able to use the Lawnchair ( or any other) launcher as our default launcher.

https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip Click this link to download the ADB package that we need. Download it anywhere you want, and unzip it anywhere you want on your PC. I downloaded it to my C: drive and renamed the folder to Android.


Let’s activate developer mode on our phones, to do that go to Settings, About device, and Version. Click tapping on ‘Build number’ till you see ‘You are now in Developer mode!’


Now go to ‘Additional settings’ and click Developer options. Find USB debugging, click it, and allow.


Now plug the USB cable into your phone, and select ‘File transfer’.


Now go to the downloaded folder, go inside the folder, type ‘cmd’ in the address bar, and hit enter.


Type adb shell and hit enter and look at your phone.


Check the box and allow USB debugging.


Now go to the CMD window on the PC copy/paste this command and hit enter:

pm disable-user –user 0 com.android.launcher

As you can see from my window new state is disabled-user. Normally that would be enough to use our desired 3rd party launcher but after the latest ColorOS updates sadly we can’t. Now check your phone and you will notice the only launcher there is Lawnchair but you will also notice that home, back, and recent app gestures are not working. Don’t panic now copy/paste this command and hit enter.

pm enable com.android.launcher

Now the navigation works again. But here is a trick, although we have the Lawnchair as default now it works with the system launcher on top of each other, it’s like using two launchers at the same time. Swipe up to go to the home screen once you get Lanwchair, and swipe up again you get the system launcher. Look:


Lawnchair works as the default launcher but if you click it and look inside,


You will only see the System launcher, DON’T CHOOSE IT! 🙂 If you accidentally do, give the two commands again and it will be fixed again.

Last but not least let’s hide the APPs that we can’t disable.


For example, the default App market can’t be disabled with ADB commands, but long click it, choose edit (pen icon),



Choose Hide from App drawer and you won’t see it again as long as you are on the Lawnchair. Do that also for the Browser or any other App that you want to hide.

You can download Google Phone and Contacts or Messages Apps from the Play Store and make them as default Apps in the settings to use, there are no problems there. I did not change the defaults as I’m not a big fan of Google Apps at all 🙂 I only use Gmail, Google Photo, and Feeds (Discover) Apps. I also like the default launcher of ColorOS, the same as the one in OnePlus phones, so I’m used to it and love it. But having two launchers side by side is cool too, both have their advantages.

Anyway, these were the basics, there will be also chapter two for a deeper dive to disable Apps like Breeno. Wallet & Payment, HeyTap Cloud, etc, if you want of course.

PS: If you like the icons that I’m using they are called LuX IconPack and you can download them from the Play Store.




After downloading apply them within the default system launcher first.


Restart the Lawnchair Launcher and you will then see the new icons under Home Settings > General > Icon Style, chose them and enjoy. You can download many other icon packs of course.


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