HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy R4

HiBy R4 – Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy presents the all-new R4, a budget-friendly Android digital audio player with a cyberpunk mecha-inspired design theme. Available in four different color options, the R4 brings a new and trendy design theme along with a highly-capable audio section. It houses a high-performance quad DAC setup with four ES9018C2M DAC chips. They provide high-resolution sound signal decoding with a wide dynamic range and outstanding SNR performance. With the Latest generation Snapdragon 665 SOC, 3GB RAM, and an open Android 12 interface.

HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy has years of expertise in designing high-fidelity audio products. They have played with different design approaches with their recent products like the stunning Purple R6 Pro II. The latest R4 takes your experience to a different level with its stunning Cyborg-inspired, mecha, and space-opera design theme. The Player is available in a bunch of color options, and each one is graced with an edgy design that brings an entirely new finish with the latest HiBy R4.

HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy R4 brings a true high-fidelity audio listening experience for its users. With a quad-DAC setup featuring four units of ES9018C2M high-performance DAC chips, the R4 has exceptional sound-signal decoding performance. It supports native playback for DSD256 audio signals and PCM up to 32bit/768kHz bitrate. The Quad DAC arrangement promises true high-resolution audio enjoyment with low distortion and high SNR performance.

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HiBy R4 is the first DAP in its category to bring you Class A amplification. With Four units of OPA1652, two units of OPA1612, and 16 different triodes, the Class A amp section has zero crossover distortion and instant transient performance. It provides a consistent and stable output with up to 525mW of clean output at 32Ω of impedance load. All thanks to the strong Class A amplification, the HiBy R4 has ultra-low distortion of just 0.0005%.

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Pair your favorite set of IEMs and headphones with the R4 as the Audio Player features dual headphone output ports. It houses a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced headphone port supporting easy pairing with different transducers in your collection.

HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy R4 comes loaded with an open Android 12 OS. The Android on the R4 is clean and has a smooth, lag-free interface. With high-end Snapdragon 665 SoC, 3GB RAM, and 32GB ROM, the R4 supports different media applications available on the Android Play Store marketplace. Use your favorite media application on the R4 with ease. With HiByOS Integration, you get an audio DSP algorithm, media library management, system-wide bit-perfect audio, etc.

HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy R4 utilizes dual independent femtosecond crystal oscillators at 45.158MHz and 49.152 MHz. They greatly reduce the jitter in the sound signal processing and reduce phase noise as well, all this promises high-precision sound signal processing on the latest HiBy R4.

HiBy R4 - Quad ES9018C2M DAP

HiBy R4 comes equipped with a 4500mAh high-capacity battery. It promises an outstanding battery life of up to 11 hours of playback and up to 675 hours of standby. Enjoy your favorite melodies without worrying about the battery running out.


  • Cyborg-Inspired Industrial-Grade Design.
  • HiFi Sound Performance with Quad DAC Arrangement.
  • Four ES9018C2M DAC Chips.
  • Supports High-Res 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Signals.
  • Smooth, Lag-free Operation With Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Chipset.
  • 3GB RAM+32GB ROM.
  • Open Android 12 OS.
  • HiBy OS SystemWide Bit-Perfect Audio.
  • Class A Amplification.
  • Dual-independent femtosecond Crystal Oscillators.
  • 4.4mm Bal+3.5mm SE Headphone Outputs.
  • 4.7” Hi-Res Display Screen.
  • 16x MQA Unfolding.
  • HiBy Cast Wireless Remote Control.
  • Two-Way Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Up to 11H Battery Life.
  • Available in Multiple Color Options.
  • Price: $249