BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 Review – 1DD+1BA Bluetooth 5.3 TWS with LE Audio

BGVP Q3 is a brand new set of TWS earphones that brings a dual-driver hybrid setup. BGVP has equipped the pair with a high-performance balanced armature driver with a strong dynamic driver unit for true high-resolution performance.

The Q3 can be used both wired and wirelessly. It supports wireless Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity as well as an MMCX wired interface (the MMCX cable is not included in the package). BGVP Q3 is innovative in its way, it supports MMCX charging, and the pair comes with a small Type-C to MCMX charging cable that will help you charge the pair when the case is not around or out of battery.

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 is a high-performance TWS set that promises quality performance. The set features a high-power dynamic driver unit combined with a high-performance balanced armature driver unit. The BA driver here is tuned for a highly-detailed and crispy high-frequency response while the DD driver delivers quality lower-end and mid-range response.

BGVP Q3 comes with Qualcomm’s latest QCC3072 high-performance Bluetooth chipset. It provides Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity with low lag and stable wireless connectivity. The QCC3072 also has low-power consumption characteristics while maintaining quality sound.

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 supports a wide range of high-resolution wireless transmission protocols including AptX Adaptive, and many more. This includes the newly developed LE Audio format which when used with a supported device, the Low-power Low-Complexithy Communications Codec (LC3) provides improved sound quality compared to regular SBC codec while maintaining a reduced bitrate. You get better sound quality with improved battery backup and stable performance.

BGVP Q3 supports both wired and wireless modes. You can use it wirelessly with a wireless Bluetooth V5.3 interface or you can use the set in the wired manner with a wired MMCX interface. Do note that the MMCX cable is not included in the package.

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 provides users with passive noise isolation. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly and provides good isolation from the surrounding noises. The pair also has an impressive transparency mode where with the help of four outward-facing high-definition microphones, the pair collects the external sound and makes the users aware of their surroundings.

BGVP Q3 supports standard TWS charging via the included charging case, but what it does special is featuring innovative MMCX charging. The pair comes with a standard USB Type-C to MMCX cable that helps you charge the Q3 earphones easily even when the case is out of battery.

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP Q3 TWS provides good battery life. The pair houses a high-capacity battery that provides a rated battery life of up to 7 hours for the headset. With the charging case, we have a total battery backup of 29 hours with the set. Moreover, users can enjoy easy longer usage hours with an easy MMCX charging interface. Even when your charging case runs out of battery, you can charge with the MMCX to USB cable.

What’s in the box


  • Dual-Driver Hybrid Structure.
  • 1DD+1BA Driver Configuration.
  • Comfortable Design with 3D Printed Acoustic Cavity.
  • Qualcomm’s latest QCC3072 Bluetooth Chipset.
  • Efficient Wireless Bluetooth V5.3 Connectivity.
  • High-Res AptX Adaptive Codec Support.
  • Compatible with Wired MMCX Interface(MMCX Cable not Included).
  • Innovative MMCX Charging.
  • Supports Innovative LE Audio Transmission.
  • Low-Latency Connectivity.
  • Sweat-Resistant IPX4 Rating.
  • Extended Battery Life(Up to 7H IEMs/Up to 28H with Charging Case).
  • Hi-Res Audio.

BGVP Q3 Review


  • Impedance: 38Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.
  • Distortion: 1%.
  • Rated Power: 179mV.
  • Supported Wireless protocols: AptX Adaptive, LE Audio, AAC, SBC, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, SPP, PBAP.
  • Earphone Weight: 6.3 grams(Each Side).
  • Price: $99.99

I want to thank BGVP for providing me with the review sample of Q3.


BGVP Q3 FR Graph

The BGVP Q3 has a slightly elevated than neutral bass. The bass impact is good. The detail level is solid. They appear to have a more controlled ground in the transition to the mid-bass and they’re capable of delivering some low-end rumble. Also, the treble extension is amazing for a TWS. It goes up to 15K, even most wired IEMs can’t do that.

The BGVP Q3 is somewhere in between with a quite relaxed and atmospheric bass that provides just enough detail in the texture to be enjoyable for strings and low-tuned bass guitars. It has a reasonably natural feel which you don’t find on many TWS including more expensive ones. Even though the BGVP Q3 could have some quicker slams for genres like EDM or Hip-Hop.

BGVP Q3 Review
BGVP Q3 has a 68ms low latency while used in wireless mode.

The mids are swayed by the lows which adds weight to the mids. They are also clean and open with good separation and resolution although I would wish for some more crunch and edge to balance the fullness. This tuning might be of preference for people who are scared of ’shouty’ mids or who like to listen to music at very low-pressure levels.

The lower mids also have a little bit more going on than would be neutral.  It levels out a bit after that, but it is never less than full-bodied.  No part of the sound ever comes off as thin or unpleasant.  The bass through the mids is just warm.

BGVP Q3 Review

Q3’s highs can be described as balanced and polite. There is a good amount of top-end extension and detail. I like the tuning of this part, there is just the right amount of treble density, neither too much nor too little. The resolution of the highs is also quite good. This is a tuning that will satisfy both treble lovers and audiophiles with treble sensitivity, so I found this region particularly well done. It is simply a very easy TWS to enjoy.

The sound stage on the BGVP Q3 is also noticeably good thanks to the tuning. I am not quite sure it becomes an “outside of my head” experience, but it is certainly pounding on the sides of my head. The depth is even better. There is truly a 3D experience going on here. I started using the BGVP Q3 also for watching movies because of this, it’s a total joy especially if the movie has a good soundtrack.

BGVP Q3 Review

BGVP did a great job in technicalities too. Instrument separation is also very good. All instruments have a respectable distance and allow full monitoring across the frequency range.


I liked the Q3 TWS very much, it’s a unique earphone as you may see, but not because of the features, it’s special because these features work as stated. And the sound performance justifies the asking price in my opinion. If you want the latest tech in Bluetooth audio give it a try. Made for audiophiles by BGVP.