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BLON 03 Modification For Best Fit

One of the best budget Chi-Fi IEM under 50$, the BLON 03, but also one of the worse when it comes to fit them in your ears. Because of its slippery surface and a rather short nozzle. I had hard time fitting Blon’s into my ear. Every memory foam ear tips that I have used were coming short for the right fit. So I decided to make a home-made spacer to solve this. Around the nozzle, so your ear tip won’t go all the way and stay where it should be to fit better into your ears. All you need is a 3M double-sided tape (example in the photo) and a ball-type memory foam (in my example). Photos will show you the rest.


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As a setup, I used my old friend LeTV Max x900+ with dedicated ES9018 DAC. [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III audio mode installed. At about %70 of volume, I get amazing detailed and laud sound with a great sound-stage for my taste. No external amp and equalizer needed. And all just for 40$ and a bit modification.


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Listening to some “Master” quality tracks in TIDAL was an experience full of joy.

If you need a system-wide good equalizer app I recommend BOOM 3D. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. Worth every penny I think.

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