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CCZ Warrior Review

CCZ Warrior 1DD+3BA IEM Review

We know the CCZ brand with its first Plume model with its 1DD+4BA hybrid driver configuration and gold metal shells. Sadly CCZ Plume was canceled because of some manufacturing defects. 

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Later we have seen some budget models in the $20 segment like the Coffee Bean and Melody with 1DD and 1DD+1BA driver configurations.

Last month the brand came up with its latest model the Warrior, a 1DD+3BA set that also has a translucent shell as the Melody did. CCZ Warrior belongs to the budget territory too, it costs $34.

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The translucent shells have an electroplated metal frame with different colors to choose from. My review sample is silver as you can see, there are gold and blue metal frame models too.

The Warrior has a solid build and looks like has wear and scratch resistance. It also has those patented ear fins that we saw before, a TPE soft and environment-friendly fin is added to the rear of the cavity, providing a more comfortable, stable, and lighter experience.

CCZ Warrior Review 14
Soft ear fins definitely make a differ in a good way

Warrior’s 10mm dual magnetic circuit DD with composite PET diaphragm is responsible for the low frequencies. This dynamic driver has high sensitivity, and low impedance, and can be easily driven.

The mid-high frequency part belongs to custom-made BAs, and the position of the BAs is calculated after precision testing. The mids are more solid and cohesive, and the 2 high-frequency BAs are located at the mouth of the tube closer to our eardrums, effectively reducing the sound losses and providing richer details. At least in theory.

What’s in the box


  • Brand: CCZ
  • Model: Warrior
  • Interface: TFZ 0.78mm
  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 ± 2dB
  • Impedance: 18+2Ω
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Cable material: 4 Core 4N OFC

Price: $34

I would like to thank Keephifi for providing me with the review sample of CCZ Warrior.


CCZ Warrior FR Graph


CCZ Warrior delivers deep and rumbly sub-bass. Has good controlled and well-timed mid-bass decay. We have fuller notes without losing control. It delivers more satisfying and cushiony notes with good texture. It has the energy of a good dynamic driver. What it does is move a good amount of air with a sizeable slam with a nice weight. The upper bass is well-controlled and blends nicely into the lower mid-range.

The mid-bass quality of the Warrior has a dispersed quality, so drum hits aren’t as rounded as I have come to expect. However, the bass remains generally detailed, so textures of bass guitars, or drum hits are conveyed clearly. Each bass hit also has a good amount of attack and sustain with a natural quality.

CCZ Warrior Review 20


There is a good amount of vocal presence with the Warrior, however, it won’t be particularly emphasized compared to the other frequency ranges. With female vocals, the soft quality of the vocal execution comes through confidently. Don’t expect the Warrior to enhance the vocal range with harmonic embellishments though.

In the same way, with male vocals, the Warrior presents an honest presentation of how the vocalists naturally sound. The vocal texture is present, but not exaggerated, male vocals who have a warmer vocal presentation that will still shine through, but drier vocalists will remain dry.

When it comes to instrumental presentation, piano tracks maintain a good harmonic balance with the lower treble. However, when it comes to the body behind each note, there is a sense of each note lacking an immediate sense of attack. Similarly, guitars sound harmonically balanced while having a textured and detailed presentation.


CCZ Warrior Review 18


The lower treble is energetic, so cymbal hits are easily noticed. Treble can also be discerned easily, while the immediacy of attack and decay of each cymbal hit is relatively natural sounding. So each hit sounds immediate while having a healthy amount of splash and sizzle.

However, when it comes to the weight behind treble instruments, or harmonic overtones found in the treble frequencies, there is a lack in the overall weight. While the treble notes can peak through the rest of the frequencies, the lack of treble weight makes it less emphasized even when treble sparkle can still shine through.

CCZ Warrior Review 11

Soundstage – Imaging

The soundstage is wide, particularly for an IEM at this price point. There don’t seem to be any artificial boundaries to the width of the soundstage. While images are formed a few inches away from my head with good accuracy.

Spacing between the images is also properly depicted and does not sound smeared with complex musical passages. Although there is a sense of layering within the soundstage, which allows images to be formed at different depths of the soundstage, the images formed are still flat.

CCZ Warrior Review 4


CCZ Warrior is a good set with rather a classic V-shape sound signature. But to be honest I don’t think it has the excitement that you would expect from a $34 set these days. The competition is so rough under $50 lately and we have some very good candidates even in the $20 price bracket.