Colorfly Quintet 1DD+4BA

Today, the Colorfly 1DD+4BA driver “Quintet” was officially released.

The Quintet uses a three-way five-unit composite system, equipped with  2BA+2BA, and a 9.5mm titanium-coated dynamic driver.

The 9.5mm dynamic driver is wound with a large black copper coil and a high magnet block on the back to work together to precisely control the vibration characteristics of the centre and outer ring of the titanium-coated dome and finally derive full and fast elastic low frequency.

The shell is made of a carbon fibre panel and a 3D skin-like resin, which can effectively suppress the resonance of the sound cavity.

The built-in pneumatic control channel instantly balances the airflow in the sound cavity and the ear canal, bringing a fluffy and clear low frequency without dullness, effectively eliminating the detail masking effect of other frequency bands.

In addition, passive noise reduction is as low as 15-20dB.

Colorfly Quintet uses 0.78 two-pin sockets, the cable has copper-silver ribbon cores and a special coating which can effectively shield electromagnetic interference in complex environments.

The price of Colorfly Quintet is 900$.


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