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ddHiFi TC100-COA Review

ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Converter Review

The early generations of DACs and AMPs have only the digital coaxial and optical input interfaces but do not feature a USB input. As a result, they could not directly interface with audio source devices that interface via the USB, mainly Android devices with the USB-C interface or phones with the Lightning interface. The TC100-COA provides these old devices with a new lease of life and allows them to interface via a USB connection.

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TC100-COA can be used with iPhone or Android smartphones (and tablets of course), recommended using with Music APPs such as Apple Music, which provides lossless music with a sampling rate of up to 24 bit/192 kHz.

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To ensure reliable and accurate transmission on the coaxial cable, the center conductor of the TC100-COA adopts a high-standard integrated design, with two lengths option of 35 cm / 65 cm. It also features a 99.9999 % high purity OCC copper conductor rated at 75 0hm impedance; its thicker wire diameter ensures impedance consistency which is also crucial for the transmission of coaxial signals.

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Due to adopting a USB-C female connector as its input, allows for the use of an array of interfaces when the TC100-COA is connected to digital devices, not limited to USB-C, USB-A, and Lightning. One can select a suitable data cable to connect the digital device directly according to your need for different cable lengths.

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USB cable not included

Some USB-C high-speed data cables may not be compatible with TC100-COA.

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When working with an iPhone, it is required to use the data cable with OTG functions. The conventional data cable without the OTG function won’t work.

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For some inferior USB conversion devices, the ground of the USB is directly connected to one of the coaxial outputs or uses only one capacitor to create the isolation, as a result, this audio transmission would be unreliable. The TC100-COA adopts a DA101C digital audio transformer from Murata company, which balances the USB input and coaxial output circuits, to ensure high-quality digital audio transmission.

  • Sample Rate Support: Up to 24 bit/192 kHz
  • Cable: OCC 750 Coaxial Audio Cable
  • Weight / Length: 45 g/ 35 cm, 65 g / 65 cm
  • Interface Type: USB-C Connector, RCA Plug
  • Price: $89 (35cm), $99 (65cm)

After some testing, I can easily say that the TC100-COA carries clean, articulate, and dynamic sound. It has a linear delivery with no particular emphasis on any region. It feels unsaturated and direct. Sounds defined, clean, and clear, carrying a good amount of detail (24 bit/192 kHz).

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ddHiFi TC100SddHifi also launched the model TC100S with a detachable RCA cable.


Another must-have audio gear from ddHiFi which we cable maniacs can’t miss. Connecting the past with the future, this one truly deserves a good place in my collection.

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