The KA3, FiiO’s first Portable DAC/AMP.

Compared to the original DAC inside the mobile phone, KA3 will give you a higher-performance and more professional external DAC/AMP which is able to greatly improve sound quality and magnify output power. Coupled with the ES9038Q2M DAC which supports a sampling rate up to 32bit/768kHz and Native DSD512, and a multi-chip audio circuit.

Two independent HiFi op-amps used in the Portable DAC/AMP KA3 for the final analogue amplification circuit help to easily drive ordinary earphones and over-ear headphones with extremely low noise floor and distortion. Under 32Ω loaded, the single-ended output has an output voltage surpassing 2V, and an output power surpassing 130mW, while the balanced output has an output power going up to 240mW. To fit more HiFi headphones, the KA3 is equipped with both single-ended and balanced headphone outputs yet with more stable connections.

The KA3 not only supports connections to mobile phones including Android and iOS systems but also to computers including Windows and Mac systems. Through the FiiO Music app or FiiO Control app, you can control the KA3 with more settings available. Besides, the RGB indicator light can intuitively indicate the sampling rate of the currently-playing music file.

  • Features

    Portable and slim body

    Optimized HiFi audio architecture

    Independent flagship DAC

    Dual headphone outputs

    Refined for lower noise floor

    Dual SE and balanced outputs

    Desktop and portable use cases

    Practical RGB indicator lights

    APP controls


Price: 89.99$

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