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Fiio’s portable DAC and Amplifier Q3 MQA Edition is officially released.

FiiO Q3 MQA THX 10
DAC and headphone amplifiers used to be the leading products in the FiiO line. At the peak period, there were 2 complete product lines. However, FiiO did not release any new ones because of influences from portable music players, USB audio adapters and Bluetooth DAC/Amps. And due to chip shortage, old models, including the Q1MKII, Q3 and Q5s, are all out of production currently.
FiiO Q3 MQA THX 11
The Q3 MQA this time is literally not a new product, but only a product with small changes due to chip shortage. It is for meeting the needs of users, providing them with another option other than music players and USB dongles.
Here are the main characteristics of the Q3 MQA:
  • New XMOS XU316 chip
The chip shortage caused a supply shortage of products. Therefore, the Q3 MQA edition applies the all-new highly-processed XMOS XU316, which is also XMOS’ strategic chip to enter the AI market. Including 16 cores, it is accurately calculated yet with lower power consumption.
FiiO Q3 MQA THX 15
  • MQA support
With the help of the strong XMOS XU316, the MQA function is added.
  • Higher performance, lower power consumption
Knowing that the production of the AK4462 will not be resumed, the R&D team decided to use the similar AK4552 after doing corresponding research and assessments. Fiio’s engineers worked hard on improving the audio performance and indicators to the same level as the previous model. The distortion performance is even more stable among all frequencies and the headphone amp power output has been improved by 10%.
  • New strapping kit
The all-new strapping kit designed to bundle together the Q3 MQA Edition to your phone greatly improves upon the experience from before. The high-transparency straps no longer block the display of your phone. Meanwhile, there are innovative X-shaped straps included, which can expose more display of the phone and further increase the operating area.
Keep features of the Q3 MQA include:
  • All-new XMOS XU316 chip
  • Efficient AK4452 DAC
  • THX AAA-28×2 amps
  • Fully supports MQA decoding
  • Dual power supply design
  • All-new strapping kit
  • ADC volume adjustment
  • RGB indicator
  • Two gain levels
  • BASS boost
  • 2.5/3.5/4.4mm outputs
  • Price: 149.99$


FiiO Q3 MQA THX 13