Gizaudio × Binary Chopin

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin 1DD+3BA IEMs

On the concept of “Let your ears convey sound and emotion”,  BINARY Acoustics has been pursuing better sound quality since 2017. Some IEMs have been already developed and have gained a lot of attention in the Chinese market. For example: EP1D, UNICORN, VIOD, D1 and D2.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin 1DD+3BA IEMs (4)

Binary Acoustics in Collaboration with Gizaudio has designed the all-new Chopin. This brilliantly crafted IEM houses a four-driver hybrid configuration featuring a low-frequency dynamic driver, midrange customized BA, and high-frequency customized composite dual BA driver setup on each side. It has been crafted using top-quality components along with simulated tuning adjustments by Gizaudio to achieve an impressive sound performance. Using an independent three-frequency RC Filter.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin 1DD3BA IEMs

Now BINARY announcing that they developing a new product with Gizaudio, it’s named Chopin. Chopin’s tuning is being adjusted to simulated parameters provided by Gizaudio.

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Frederic Chopin is a world-renowned composer known for his elegant and soulful musical pieces that can, and has, touched the heart of countless listeners. Chopin, the IEM, pays homage to the legendary composer with its name and auditory excellence. Gizaudio’s Chopin brings the emotion and essence of the past into the present. The heart-captivating nature of Chopin the composer…reborn.

Sound Signature

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin

Bass: Strong, punchy, and exciting without sacrificing midrange clarity. Chopin can turn any song into a high-end nightclub experience.

Mids: Natural, clean, and detailed reproduction of vocals and instruments. Hear the true talent of the artist displayed completely unveiled.

Treble: The highs extend as far as the ears can hear. Revealing all the possible nuances, so you can immerse in details you never knew existed in your favorite songs.

Resolution: Chopin produces the highest resolution in all areas, from bass to treble. Every element in each song is shown with distinction and clarity, ensuring the most resolving musical experience for the user.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin 1DD+3BA IEMs (4)



  • Designed in Collaboration With Gizaudio.
  • Four-Driver Hybrid Setup.
  • 8mm Ceramic Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.
  • Customized Mid-Range Balanced Armature Driver.
  • Customized Composite Dual Balanced Armature Driver for High-Frequency (2BA).
  • Stunning Design With Stainless Steel Facepanels.
  • 3D Printed Resin Material Cavities. >Comfortable Design.
  • High-Purity OFC SIlver-Plated Litz Cable.Available in 3.5mm or 4.4mm Termination Options.


  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms @ 1kHz
  • Impedance: 12Ω @ 1kHz
  • Effective frequency response: 5-20kHz (1/4″ free-field microphone, -3Db)
  • THD:<1%@1kHz
  • Price: $199


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