HarmonicDyne P.D1 Latest Planar Dynamic Hybrid IEM 7

HarmonicDyne P.D.1 Planar Dynamic Hybrid IEM

HarmonicDyne is entering into the IEM industry after their two successful headphones Zeus and Helios which had very positive feedback. Their latest pair, the HarmonicDyne P.D.1  built with a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process using aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The name P.D. depicts the driver configuration here as HarmonicDyne equipped it with a 10mm customized planar magnetic driver and 10mm high-efficiency dynamic driver. HarmonicDyne P.D.1 has a price tag of 379$.

HarmonicDyne P.D1

P.D.1 is equipped with the latest planar driver with high magnetic flux paired to a customized dynamic driver unit (CNT at the edges and DLC Dome), bringing the best of both worlds together.

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P.D.1 earpieces are crafted using premium aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The material is processed using 5-axis CNC machining processes such as milling, cutting, reshaping, fine grinding, and polishing to achieve a finely textured, natural metal finish. The pair not only looks handsome but also has an ergonomic design that will provide a comfortable fit for most users.

HarmonicDyne P.D.1

HarmonicDyne claims: “P.D1 is tuned to provide a soothing experience with good sparkle and energy. The pair produces a natural bass response with lovely full-bodied vocals and smooth well-extended treble frequency response.”

HarmonicDyne P.D1

P.D.1 comes bundled with two high-quality cables in the package, one high-purity copper and silver hybrid balanced 4.4mm balanced cable and another silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable with a single-ended 3.5mm termination option.

HarmonicDyne P.D1 Latest Planar Dynamic Hybrid IEM