Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review – Sounds As Clean As The Ocean

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is the leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins, and their ocean homes. As the design of the MP145 was inspired by whales, to support WDC’s Green Whale work and helping to raise awareness about the vital role whales play in the health of our oceans.

Hidizs MP145 in-ear monitors draw inspiration from whales’ biological features, seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics for a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the human ear canal.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

Hidizs MP145 has the tech of a 14.5mm ultra-large planar magnetic driver, the precise arrangement of 7+7 N52H magnets, lower harmonic distortion, enhanced magnetic circuit efficiency, and close to 1 Tesla magnetic flux. It also has hidden ventilation ports on the faceplate.

The Hidizs MP145 has a lightweight design and precise weight distribution, each earphone weighing less than 9.5g (excluding cables), ensuring a stable and comfortable fit, even with its 14.5mm large driver, allowing for long-lasting, burden-free listening pleasure. It looks big but fits well in the ear.

The Hidizs MP145, with its 104dB high sensitivity, can pair with cell phones, dongle DACs, and music players, delivering optimal volume and fast response. Mild audiophiles and music lovers will appreciate its versatility with small dongle DACs and smart devices.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

MP145 comes with customizable 3 Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters and specially designed ear tips for low/mid/high frequencies. You switch between 9 different music styles, including powerful bass, or a balanced blend.

The MP145 comes with a cable with high-purity single-crystal oxygen-free copper silver-plated wires.

The Hidizs MP145 features a 0.78mm 2-pin connector with copper-plated housing.  Buyers can choose from 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced versions.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review


  • 14.5mm Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver
  • Whale Tail & Rorqual Pleats Design Inspiration
  • Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter
  • Target H-2019 Curve & Hidizs Style Professional Tuning
  • Fully Symmetrical Magnetic Circuit
  • Hidden Bionic Breathing Holes
  • 6N Silver-Plated Single-Crystal Copper Wire
  • Ergonomics Design with Comfortable Extended Wear
  • Ergonomics Liquid Silicone Ear Tips
  • Customized Pouch for MP145
  • 3.5mm or 4.4mm cable optional
  • 0.78mm 2-Pin Cable


  • Model: MP145
  • Earphone Type: Planar IEMs (In Ear Monitors)
  • Driver: Hidizs 14.5mm Ultra-Large Planar Magnetic Driver
  • Appearance: Aviation Aluminum Alloy Integral Molding Shell
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Sensitivity: 104dB
  • Impedance: 30 ohms
  • Cable: 1.2m High Purity Silver Plated single-crystal copper wire mixed
    with 4 strands
  • Connector: Detachable Cable with 0.78mm 2pin Gold-plated Socket and Pure
    Copper Plating Shell
  • Plug: Gold-plated Pure Copper Plug
  • Weight: Approx 19g (Excluding Earphone cable)
  • Price: $159.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x MP145 IEM
  • 1 x 3.5mm or 4.4mm Earphone Cable
  • 3 x Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters
  • 9 Pairs x Ear Tips
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Warranty Card

 I would like to thank Hidizs for providing me with the review sample of MP145 IEM.


MP145 FR Graph

The first thing I noticed about the Hidizs MP145 was its natural tone. Another thing that stuck out was the level of detail and clarity present. I’d call the overall tonality neutral-bright; the midrange sounds natural and organic while the treble has an accurate timbre but has a forward presentation which is where the brightness comes from. But you can tame this brightness to your liking with the “Low” filter and tame down the upper mids to have a darker sound. I used the High filter as a reference in my review.


The bass is tight and fast. Hidizs tuned the bass for maximum openness and resolution and MP145 achieves that with aplomb. Listeners who favor detail and transparency will appreciate MP145’s lows. Like the mids and highs, the bass tone is accurate and unblemished.

The lower bass region is emphasized, while the mid-bass to lower midrange is flatter in nature. This has the benefit of keeping the midrange reasonably free of bleed and creates a full, lush response in songs that favor this area.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

The bass remains reasonably articulate. Its tuning focuses on rumble over punch and will appeal more to some listeners than others.

Since the MP145 uses a planar driver, the bass is expectedly fast and detailed. You can hear plenty of texture in lingering bass notes, and the speed they start and stop is realistic and impactful. The quality is there.


MP145’s midrange is, in a word, exquisite. It’s near perfect in tone, timbre, and note weight. Vocals and instruments sound natural and organic and are delivered within a clean stage with a black background.

If you’re looking for overall tonal balance and multiple music genre compatibility, the MP145 holds up very well. For the most part, it delivers a delicious, clear, and organic midrange.

Vocalists sound forward and aren’t artificially recessed either. There is very good texture and resolution in this range, as you would expect from a good planar driver, which makes it easy to pick out small details that might be lost in the “cohesiveness” of a dynamic driver. The tuning here is great for rock and metal.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review


One of the standout features of the high-frequency response of the MP145 is its ability to handle complex and busy passages with ease. Even in the most frenetic and layered recordings, the highs remain clear and articulate, allowing you to hear every nuance and detail in the music.

There is enough treble energy to present a clear sound that, while not expansive, still sounds crisp and airy. The treble has an accurate timbre and tone. Both in balanced and high mode, the treble maintains a natural timbre, despite being pushed forward. It’s crisp and precise, widening the soundstage and adding exactness to vocal and instrument positioning.

Soundstage and Technicalities

The soundstage on the MP145 is quite impressive as it feels very extended, especially in terms of width. The forwardness of the center and upper mid-range plays into the wide soundstage and creates an immersive effect. Imaging is very good, and vocals and instruments are placed accurately around the soundstage. Layering is very good with a decent amount of separation and excellent cohesion between instruments and vocals.

Hidizs MP145 Planar Review

Planars are well known for their ability to draw out the different layers of music and games, allowing you to hear each on its own plane. That’s definitely the case here, with very good layering and details throughout.

The MP145 is a good pair of IEMs for gaming. The soundstage is wide enough, and positionality close enough, that these work well for competitive gaming and RPGs. They are very responsive to Dolby Atmos and open right up when it’s enabled.


The MP145 is an IEM with details and technicalities and also tonal balance and musicality. Its midrange is one of the best you’ll hear in this price range in terms of tone and clarity. Furthermore, Hidizs continues to have a class-leading build quality. The MP145 is the best sounding planar IEM so far in my list alongside with DUNU Talos, different styles of tuning but the same kind of fun depending on your tracks and mood.