Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review – Budget V-Shape King

The Hidizs MS1 has been the best go-to choice for single dynamic driver earphones since its first generation release. With the introduction of the MS1-Rainbow, it seamlessly blended aesthetics and technology. Now, the MS1 unveils its latest addition, the “Galaxy”, which represents an attempt to bring Hi-Fi-level materials and technology to a wider audience, making it a true-for-money option.

PU+PEEK composite high-polymer diaphragm is recognized as the most stable and mature diaphragm solution in the driver manufacturing industry. It has the characteristics of good uniformity of texture and is lightweight. A dual magnetic circuit structure improves the magnetic flux and has higher electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. It improves the extensibility of high frequencies and better-detailed expression.

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review

The high-density Germany’s Makrolon resin used in the earphone cavity ensures excellent stability, skin-friendly comfort, and non-irritating properties, making it safe for prolonged use. The injection molding design guarantees both durability and a premium look, providing a sense of sophistication and quality.

Based on comprehensive testing by the Hidizs Acoustic Laboratory, the MS1 Galaxy boasts full-range frequency nonlinear distortion of less than 0.05%. It delivers an exceptionally stable and outstanding tonal balance, ensuring accurate signal reproduction during the electro-acoustic conversion stage.

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review

The MS1 Galaxy is designed with a 32 Ohm impedance, allowing for an effortless and direct connection to your smartphone. It can be easily driven to deliver satisfying results. The Hidizs MS1 Galaxy, with its 108dB high sensitivity, effortlessly pairs with cell phones, dongle DACs, and music players, delivering optimal volume and fast response. Mild audiophiles and music lovers will appreciate its versatility with small dongle DACs and smart devices, while severe HiFi audiophiles can revel in the immersive experience when paired with a music player or powerful amplifier.

The external structure of the earphone cavity is meticulously designed based on extensive earlobe data and ergonomic principles, providing a snug fit like a personalized custom mold. This design effectively reduces external noise and ensures a soft, comfortable, and stable fit, allowing you to wear the earphones for extended periods without discomfort.

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review

Featuring a standard 0.78mm detachable cable design, the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy is equipped with a silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire. This choice of material effectively reduces cable oxidation. The cable is soft and is to handle which I always like. The color also matches well with the Red shells of my review sample.


  • High-Performance Dual Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver
  • 10.2mm PU+PEEK Composite Diaphragm
  • Optional Inline Control & Microphone
  • High-Density German Makrolon Resin Shell
  • Silver-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • 0.78mm 2-Pin Plug
  • Ergonomic Liquid Silicone Ear Tips
  • Ergonomic Design with Comfortable Extended Wear
  • Perfectly Aligned With The H-2019 Target Frequency Response Curve
  • 3.5mm Gold-Plated Plug & Durable Metal Shell & Splitter

What’s in the box


  • Driver:
  • 10.2mm PU+PEEK Composite Diaphragm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Price: $16.99

I would like to thank Hidizs for providing me with the review sample of the MS1 Galaxy.


Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review


This is pretty much what the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy is going to be about. The bass is powerful and aggressive. Its tone is thick but never becomes muddy in its timbre. Its only goal is to provide a fun and controlled sound signature that can boast a cinematic response. Movie scores crescendo with a solid boom, and theatrical doom metal tracks are delivered with a punching ferocity. It has a rich and meaty tone that makes it easy to just enjoy the experience.

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review


While the bass makes the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy an expressive IEM, the mids also play their part well. Between the abundant bass frequencies and the extension of upper mids, the is going to be some recession. Instruments have good definitions, but individual performances won’t provide much detail. Notes have average clarity but lack a strong attack. With tracks that are more textured, the Hidizs MS1 performs well with though. Heavily distorted guitars and droning synths boast an energetic drive, helped by a warm timbre in the low mids. Vocals also display balance and clarity but are somewhat veiled.


In the highs, you receive the thinnest bite to the sound signature. There’s a splash to certain sounds, and the response rings out to add character to the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy’s profile. The response is expressive but never too bright, and the timbre of the notes never appears harsh. Its tone is smooth but with the right amount of extra detail that adds height to the sound signature and expands immersion.

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Review


Hidiz’s IEMs have admirable soundstages for their price, and the MS1 Galaxy is no different. It has almost shoulder-length width, but I think this characteristic is more up to the mix. For instance, cinematic post-rock tracks and ambient music are going to perform well here. However, classical and jazz tracks probably won’t include the depth and separation you’re looking for. This IEM is all about presenting things big, where the sound feels large in scale. The Hidizs MS1 Galaxy makes instruments tall and pushes them forward. You get a good sense of spaciousness and the slightest dimension. It is a competent soundstage that does its best to preserve the imaging.


This is a fantastic IEM for its economical price. The sound is what I expected with a bit more highlights that make the signature appear more expressive. Its design is also maybe the best you’ll see at $17. All of these elements combined make the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy feel like a complete steal.