Huawei FreeBuds Studio

Huawei FreeBuds Studio

Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones draw inspiration from old-fashioned phonographs, and design earmuffs composed of simple lines and circles, and a stainless steel metal cylindrical arm with a diameter of only 7mm is interspersed with the earmuffs.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio 2

The shell after the metal matte spraying process is available in two colors: Chenxi Gold and Obsidian Black. We got the Obsidian Black version.

According to Huawei laboratory data, the head beam of Huawei FreeBuds Studio headset can be bent at a maximum of 150 degrees, the arm telescopic length reaches 40mm, and has undergone tens of thousands of pressure tests, which also ensures a more comfortable wearing experience.

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio headset is equipped with a smart dynamic noise reduction system, which can accurately identify and judge changes in the external sound field environment, and automatically switch between three high-adaptive noise reduction modes: mild, balanced, and deep, and can achieve up to medium and high frequencies. 40dB physical sound insulation effect.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio 6

The headset is also equipped with a dual transmission mode, which can retain clearer surrounding human voices in the human voice transmission mode.

The new 6-microphone call array provides protection for high-definition calls. Through the “dual beam fusion noise reduction”, the directional pickup and enhancement of the human voice can clearly transmit your voice to the other party in a noisy environment.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio 1

Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones use HiFi-grade acoustic devices. The 4-layer 40mm composite diaphragm makes the sound unit’s frequency response wider and more sensitive and can cover the high-frequency and wide sound range of 4Hz-48kHz.

For the first time, Huawei uses a single headset with two Bluetooth antennas to achieve 360° omnidirectional coverage of Bluetooth signals. With the support of four-channel dual-mode dual-connection technology, Huawei FreeBuds Studio headsets can be dual-connected to smart devices between Android, IOS, and Windows systems.

In terms of battery life, Huawei’s FreeBuds Studio headset supports Huawei’s fast charging. After being fully charged, it can play music for 24 hours with noise reduction turned off, and it can play music for 8 hours with noise reduction turned off for 10 minutes.

Price : 1999 Yuan/ 300 USD

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