iKKO ActiveBuds With ChatGPT

iKKO ActiveBuds With ChatGPT

iKKO’s new Kickstarter project the ActiveBuds offers a unique AI-powered listening experience. Elevate your music experience through high personalization and simplify everyday life with an AI voice assistant. Their EarSync system features a variety of apps, and in the future, you can download your favorite apps from the iKKO store.


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ActiveBuds integrate ChatGPT-powered voice dialog conversations, real-time translation in 40 languages, voice-to-text export, fitness tracking, offline music playback, sound personalization, and standalone 4G connectivity. These potent combination ushers in a new era of intelligent ear-wear, elevating your audio experience to unparalleled heights.

iKKO ActiveBuds not only provide 4G & Wifi functionality when used independently but they can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This enables you to use them as regular TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones, ensuring a seamless audio experience!

For years, iKKO has been dedicated to delivering exceptional audio masterpieces to the world, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Now, iKKO boldly stepping into the intelligent realm by fusing extraordinary sound with AI technology. ActiveBuds are designed to adapt to your unique lifestyle and seamlessly integrate into various scenarios.


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Unlock ChatVoicePal with ActiveBuds free for life!

Once the campaign is successfully funded on Kickstarter, all backers will have access to unlock free lifetime use of ActiveBuds with ChatVoicePal (powered by ChatGPT) integration.


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Experience mobile freedom with ActiveBuds’ 4G connectivity. Stream music, make calls, and access AI assistance on the go. Ideal for work, leisure, study, or fitness, ActiveBuds deliver convenience and versatility in a compact package.

ActiveBuds powered by ChatGPT brings a personal secretary right to your ears, boosting productivity by handling details while you focus on what matters most.


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ActiveBuds enable hands-free communication, updating the way people interact with AI and making them the ideal choice for those seeking a more seamless and convenient experience powered by ChatGPT.

You can engage in real-time voice dialogues anytime, from checking math questions to conducting research or seeking study assistance.


ikko activebuds translation 40 languages

Designed for a connected world, ActiveBuds break language barriers and enable communication with advanced simultaneous interpretation technology, instantly translating conversations in up to 40 languages. Perfect for travelers, students, and professionals, ActiveBuds make connecting with diverse cultures easier.


how to translate with ikko activebuds?


1. One-Button Translation: Press the button for instant audio translation through your earbuds and text display on the screen.

2. Sharing for Clear Conversations: Share your charging case or a bud when only one set of ActiveBuds is available. Two modes are provided:

  • Dual-Bud Mode: Each person selects their bud’s target language. Conversations are translated, played through the buds, and displayed as text.
  • Single-Bud Mode: One user gets audio translation and text display, while the other user views the translated text on the screen.

3. Real-Time Translation: Press “Start” to activate continuous translation, providing audio output in your earbuds and displaying translated text on the screen.

Select from voice, voice-to-text, or text-only options to tailor your experience. With ActiveBuds, bid farewell to awkward pauses and embrace the power of real-time translation in 40 languages. Connect with the world like never before.


ikko activebuds voice to text


Convert speech into paragraph-separated text documents using ActiveBuds. Export transcriptions to the iKKO mobile app with just one click, making it perfect for professionals, students, or anyone seeking efficient documentation. Enjoy simplicity and productivity with ActiveBuds’ voice-to-text functionality, renewing how you record and store information.


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ActiveBuds provide music lovers with a personalized listening experience through customizable EQ, advanced ANC, and ENC. Tailor your audio settings to your preferences, immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without distractions, and communicate clearly during calls. With ActiveBuds, experience unparalleled audio enjoyment and redefine the way you listen to music.


ikko activebuds offline music


ActiveBuds offer a premium listening experience powered by advanced silicon crystal ceramic material, delivering pure and delicate sound. Simply scan and download music from your phone directly to your ActiveBuds, allowing for offline music storage and playback without the need for internet access.


ikko activebuds fitness and health


ActiveBuds offer fitness tracking features, including distance, timers, route planning, elevation calculation, and calorie tracking, to help you achieve your exercise goals. Stay motivated and optimize workouts with ActiveBuds. Navigation is made easy with map features, ensuring you stay on track and reach your fitness and health goals.


ikko activebuds phone free communication


Stay connected on the go with ActiveBuds’ 4G internet connectivity and SIM card support. Receive calls and messages without a phone, perfect for workouts or outdoor adventures. Enjoy flexibility and never miss a beat with ActiveBuds.


ikko activebuds ikko apps


At iKKO Store, you can download your favorite apps. Make your ActiveBuds truly yours by choosing from an array of applications to enhance your audio journey.


ikko activebuds all day battery


Get up to 6 hours of ANC-enabled playback and an additional 30 hours of battery life from the charging case. With 100-hour 4G stand-by and 12-hour runtime, ActiveBuds can keep you connected for longer. Use fast Type-C or wireless charging to recharge on the go and power through your day with ActiveBuds.


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IMMERSIVE CONNECTIVITY – ActiveBuds offer Wi-Fi, 4G internet access through SIM card support, Bluetooth 5.3, and GPS for seamless connectivity and location tracking.

MULTI-WAY CONTROLS – Enjoy various control options with ActiveBuds’ 1.8-inch AMOLED display with 326ppi and user-configurable touch controls.

SLEEK AND PORTABLE DESIGN – With a case size of 63 x 50 x 24.8 mm and a combined weight of 86g, ActiveBuds are designed for portability and comfort.

SWEAT AND WATER-RESISTANT – ActiveBuds are IPX4 rated, making them resistant to sweat and water for worry-free workouts and outdoor activities.

SUPERIOR NOISE CANCELLATION – Experience outstanding noise control with ANC and ENC, providing up to 45dB of noise reduction in certain environments.

IKKO CARE FOR HEARING SUPPORT – Thoughtfully engineered to assist those with hearing loss, ActiveBuds’ Hearing Aid function amplifies external sound, facilitating daily activities. iKKO Care delivers tailored Mono and Dual-channel solutions to accommodate diverse hearing needs.


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