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IRIS Flow Headphones


“Best in the market 40mm Beryllium Drivers”, this took my attention at first. Beryllium is the new “golden” element, which headphone makers use in their products lately and people seem to like it very much. “Tight” and “accurate” low-end they say.

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Coming back to IRIS Flow headphones, it has a technology called IRIS, which helped F1 drivers stay focused on the track.

“Now it’s your turn to experience IRIS Flow headphones that dramatically improve sound quality while simultaneously activating your brain!”

Taken from their Indiegogo campaign page : “Revolutionary immersive audio and technology scientifically proven to enhance mental wellbeing.

IRIS is a revolutionary audio technology which places the human brain at the centre of the listening experience. Our patented IRIS algorithm re-synthesises the spatial information lost in digital recordings whilst elevating the details lost in digital compression and presenting audio to you as you would experience it in the live environment, crucially important in how you process audio, because your brain is more active in this setting.

Through this unique neurological stimulation IRIS is scientifically proven to activate flow state, a neurological state of simultaneous focus and relaxation, alongside complete engagement with what you are listening to.

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IRIS Flow Headphones 110

IRIS brings audio delivers a heightened “live” dimension to all recorded sound.

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Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen has also invested in this project, interesting right? If you want to check the rest of it, here is the link