Kinera Norn

Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEM

Kinera is a well-established brand for high-quality audio in-ear monitors across different price ranges. Their products not only excel in high-resolution sound output but are always praised for their exquisite looks and comfortable fit. They have released an all-new pair of hybrid driver in-ear monitors, the Kinera Norn.

Kinera Norn 2

Kinera has been taking inspiration from Norse Mythology for designing its high-quality earphones. First, they introduced the goddess Nanna, Freya, and the flagship Norse God Baldr. Now they have released the three sisters of fate, the Norn. It is a pair with a five-driver hybrid setup (1DD+4BA). The pair is completely hand-painted for a unique look with a combination of eye-catchy colors such as red, orange, and black. The pair has a price tag of 499.00$.

Kinera Norn 4

The Kinera Norn houses a 7mm micro dynamic driver. It is made up of premium components such as an N52 strong ring magnet with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, Japan imported Daikoku pure copper coil, and Titanium-plated composite high-poly fiber diaphragm material.

Kinera Norn 3

Norn has opted for premium Knowles BA drivers. Knowles is known for their high-quality balanced armature driver units usually found in mid to high tier IEMs. There are four BA drivers in total on each side, two for mids and two for high frequencies.

Kinera Norn 8

The front cavity of the beautiful Norn ear shells consists of a specially designed 3-tube frequency cross-over to remove any chances of multi-driver distortion. The acoustic tubes are designed in reasonable length to not affect the sound in any way, providing accurate frequency response for the users across a wide frequency range.

Kinera Norn 1

The earpieces in Kinera Norn feature premium hand-painted design on the cavities. The pair carries excellent looks with smooth reflective backplates that also avoids sound loss and delay thanks to the diffuse reflection of the back cavity.

The Norn is bundled with a premium audio cable to provide an interruption-free sound signal to the earpieces. Imported 26AWG coaxial wire is used as the conductor with PVC outer insulation. It consists of 8 wires of 192 strands of silver-plated copper alloy in spiral weaving. The cable has universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a balanced 2.5mm termination plug.

Kinera Norn 1

Background Story Behind Norn

3 Sisters, the goddess of fate in Norse Mythology are collectively called Norn. According to the legend of Asgard, the future in destiny is unknowable, just like the 3 sisters, Norn, Who always hides her face so that people have never seen their face. The looming white clouds on the surface of the shell covers the abyss of destiny with a mysterious veil, expressing the unknowable mystery of the future.


>Premium Five Driver Setup (1DD+4BA).

>Titanium-plated  PU composite high-poly fiber diaphragm.

>Knowles BA drivers.

>Front cavity 3-tube crossover.

>Reflective Mirror finish back cavity.

>Hand-Painted design.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>High-purity cable.

>Impedance: 32 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Rated Power: 3mW.

>Distortion: <3%.

>Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Cable Length: 1.2m.

>Plug: 2.5mm Balanced.

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