KZ PR1 PRO Planar

From PR1 (Balanced-HiFi Edition) to PR1 PRO
  • The faceplate color will be different, the last version is matt silver color, and the new version will be glossy shiny silver color.
  • The whole driver’s height is much taller than the previous planar driver.
  • Upgraded the magnetic circuit structure.
  • Upgraded the diaphragm circuit
  • Reduced sibilance.
  • Easier to drive.
  • Cable upgrade.
  • New ear tips.
Tuning upgrade
  • 9k-10k treble sensitivity reduced, figure out the issue of too much treble.
  • 200hz sensitivity reduced by around -1dB, in order to make the vocal to be clearer.
  • 1khz sensitivity increased, so as to make the clear difference between bass, mids, treble, and upper treble.

Price: $81.99

PR1Pro 750