KZ’s new TWS with 5 drivers per side and Bluetooth 5.2, the new KZ VX10  is on the market.

KZ VX10 uses one 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver for lows, 2 x 50025 balanced armature drivers for mids and highs, and another 2 x 30019 balanced armature drivers for the upper treble frequencies.

The non-Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip only supports SBC and AAC codecs. VX10 has a special gaming mode, which you can trigger with three taps on the earbuds and gives you 0.058s delay.

The charging case holds up to 20 hours of battery life, the earbuds can be used for around 4 hours with one charge. KZ VX10’s earbuds can be used independently and support automatic connection.

Harman curve?

KZ claims that the sound tuning of the VX10 is close to the Harman curve.


Price: $58