LETSHUOER DZ4 Review – 3 x Dynamic Drivers

The new LETSHUOER DZ4 utilizes a configuration of triple 6mm titanium diaphragm dynamic drivers and a single 6mm passive radiator.

The DZ4s have 3 dynamic 6mm titanium drivers, each playing a role in reproducing the different frequencies of the audio source signal. But the special feature of the DZ4s is that they incorporate a 6mm passive radiator. Using the waves generated by the other transducers, this passive radiator reinforces the low frequencies.


Thanks to a 4-way acoustic tube and 2-way crossover, the DZ4s transmit sound in a very stable way. What’s more, the dynamic drivers are connected to the two input pins via a flexible printed circuit (FPC).


The semi-open enclosure of the DZ4 is made of CNC-machined anodized aluminum with matt treatment and resin. In terms of ergonomics, the DZ4s will fit the shape of your ears perfectly for prolonged use without pain or discomfort.

Letshuoer’s DZ4s are supplied with a braided cable consisting of 4 x 0.05mm silver-plated copper conductors. The connectors on both sides of the cable are standard, with a Jack 3.5mm and two 0.78mm double-pin connectors.

Semi-Open Faceplate Design.


  • Three dynamic drivers + single passive radiator in-ear monitor HIFI earphones.
  • Four-way Acoustic Tubes, Two-way Crossover Circuit.
  • Semi-Open Faceplate Design, A Fusion Of Metal And Resin.
  • The drivers are connected to the dual-pin receptacle via a flexible printed circuit (FPC) crossover board.
  • Joint Effort With HeyGear, The Leading 3D-Printing Supplier
  • Four cores of 216-strands, 0.05mm in diameter silver plated copper cable.
  • DZ4 comes with a standard 3.5mm single-ended plug, featuring a standard 0.78mm dual-pin design.
  • High precision in 3D Printed chassis production to meet ergonomic principles.
  • CNC-milled anodized aluminum casing with a semi-open design.

What’s in the box

DZ4 comes with a unique storage box and 6 pairs of ear tips.


  • Drivers type 3DD + 1RP, 3 x Titanium dynamic drivers. 1x Titanium passive radiator
  • Earphones connector: 0.78mm 2pin
  • Cable connector Jack: 3.5mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 40kHz
  • Impedance: 12Ω
  • Sensitivity: 104dB
  • Cable conductor material: Silver-plated copper
  • Price: $89

I would like to thank LETSHUOER for providing me with the review sample of DZ4.



The DZ4 gives a slight V, which is not extreme but acceptable to me. The DZ4 sounds very energetic, dynamic, and forward at times, and it’s not a shy IEM whatsoever.

I’m normally not a fan of a V-shaped sound, even a slight one. But it’s not about my personal preference of course. Some people would love this presentation with certain genres. But what matters to me is the technical performance of the IEM. And that’s where I found the DZ4 successful for its price. This actually is a price/performance IEM.



The lower region is very controlled and tight and it has a very good pace. While it can give the kick and rumble when needed, it’s never bloated, never aggressive, or out of control. The bass response is very disciplined, it doesn’t cloud the mid-range or lower mids specifically, and it even makes you want more quantity with EDM songs.

So yes, the DZ4 is not actually a very bassy IEM. It’s like it lies in between the DD and BA bass. I don’t know how they managed to achieve this though. It’s quick like a BA driver bass, but it contains the air and kick of a dynamic driver. There isn’t any mid-bass hump noticeable, and the decay of the bass is excellent.

Overall the bass doesn’t go very deep and it has a mid-bass focus, but the texture is great. Overall the DZ4 has an amazingly good bass performance for this price.

I really liked the design of DZ4, ergonomic and smooth.


I expected recessed mids with the DZ4, and although that is the case, it doesn’t bother me much. The lower mid-region takes a small step back in the sound, and that makes the upper mid-region a bit elevated as a result. This creates a very energetic and clear presentation overall.

Yet, the lower mids are not absent and you can hear the foundation of the thick instruments with ease. I think DZ4 chose to go with a very clean and crisp presentation so they boosted up the upper mids and lower treble a bit, but the IEM doesn’t miss the full response entirely. The mids still have good timbre with excellent definition. Especially female vocals are exceptional here, so I recommend you to listen to some divas with this one.

So this teaches us that, a V-shaped sound can still be very good and it all depends on the tuning itself. I can still say that this is not my type of presentation. But the key thing is, I enjoyed it. I’m not going to criticize it just because it’s not my sound. The vocals and instruments have great tone and dynamism. You’re not going to get bored with this IEM



The treble section is just as good as the bass region. There’s a good extension here with a good amount of air. The lower treble region is a bit elevated as a continuation of the upper mids, and that’s only natural to me. Otherwise, it would’ve been a very inconsistent presentation. The lower treble boost is not aggressive and there’s no problem regarding sibilance or peaks.

For the price, the treble section has excellent detail retrieval, control, and articulation. Tonality on the treble area is a little thinner though and it can be altered by the source, but it’s still coherent and assists the imaging capabilities very well. The upper treble section is smooth and it’s not peaky at all. In fact, I can say that the upper treble section is quite forgiving and relaxed.

Technical Performance

For resolution, I have to say for 89$ it’s top-notch. As long as you don’t expect something like a planar magnetic headphone type of resolution, or as high-end IEMs provide, the resolution would be more than enough with a good portable source. Its background is not amazingly black but it’s still fabulous, and then again it depends on your source as usual. Stereo imaging and transparency are flawless for this price range. Very very nice.

However, the soundstage is quite narrow and the instruments play a bit close to each other, which creates a cramped feeling at times. The width is not spectacular in this case. The depth is on good levels and there’s good layering here. The only thing missing is the soundstage width. As a result, the positioning is not the best here.

Tonality is very good, especially when you consider the fact that this is a V-shaped IEM (although not substantially). The instruments have a very realistic tone with good breath, and I especially liked the guitar with the DZ4. The separation is also very good but that takes a hit because of the sound-stage width. The IEM has excellent control, especially in lows.

LETSHUOER stock cables are one of the best on the market and DZ4 is no exception.


The Letshuoer DZ4 is too much fun. The bass kick and rumble are exceptional at this price range, and the female vocals are an absolute joy. It has great energy in the whole spectrum and it makes you want to listen more and more. If you like to listen to guitar-heavy music, female vocals, or electronic music, I would definitely recommend the DZ4 for you. The competitive pricing in this model is a great choice from Letshuoer. The DZ4 is very exciting and unique.