Meizu Pop Pro TWS 0

Meizu Pop Pro TWS

On the morning of January 11, Meizu released the POP Pro active noise-cancelling headset, a true-wireless headset positioned at mid-to-high end, priced at 77$.

POP Pro is Meizu Acoustics’ third active noise-cancelling headset, the first true wireless active noise-cancelling headset, and the noise reduction function is added to the POP product line for the first time.

Meizu Pop Pro TWS 4

In terms of appearance design, Meizu POP Pro adopts the pure white color matching of MEIZU Design and uses a brand-new design language “Smudge”, which is derived from the traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy method, using dots into circles, and smudges to complete the headset. The cavity curve is dotted into a line, and the natural cylindrical transition is completed by the method of blooming. Not only is the volume smaller, but the weight is also lighter than similar products, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Meizu Pop Pro TWS 5

Meizu POP Pro is equipped with Meizu’s new “triple hybrid active noise reduction technology”. It uses feedforward and feedback microphones and In-Ear in-ear structure design, which can detect noise in a variety of common scenes such as airplanes, subways, and streets. Three generations of noise reduction algorithms, POP Pro achieves a deep noise reduction of up to 35dB.

Meizu Pop Pro TWS 6

In terms of sound quality, POP Pro uses a new customized 10mm high-quality dual composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit, which can present more mid-to-high-frequency details while bringing a strong and powerful bass performance.

The in-ear structure design effectively reduces the leakage of sound. The professional tuning of Meizu Acoustics makes the music layered, and the details of each frequency band are fully displayed, allowing the original sound to be presented.

It also supports the Flyme function (quick pairing) and supports Meizu phones with Android 10 and above.

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