Ovidius B1 Portable DAC AMP

Ovidius B1 Portable DAC/AMP

The Ovidius B1 is a high-performance portable USB DAC/AMP equipped with a 24-Bit AKM DAC chip and an independent Amplification circuit. It drastically improves the audio output quality from your smartphone with its professional audio signal decoding and amplification. The price is 149$.

Patented Power Distribution Algorithm

Ovidius B1’s core advantage is its own patented power distribution algorithm. It makes sure all the components such as DAC chip, amplification circuit, everything gets proper power. In terms of power input, the device takes just 0.12w from the source that is usually just the standby current of smartphones.

Independent Amplifier Circuit

The Ovidius B1 is equipped with an independent amplification circuit. The circuit adjusts itself for high-impedance headphones and provides the users with ample amplification for demanding IEMs and headphones.

Premium CNC Machined Body

The Ovidius B1 shows premium craftsmanship with a precisely made CNC all-metal chassis. It offers brilliant power-dissipation control in its class and doesn’t heat up the device unnecessarily.

True Digital Signal System

The input interface of Ovidius B1 is a truly digital OTG interface. It takes the raw audio signal from the source(smartphones) without any hardware or software decoding in the source device. The B1 works as a standard DAC similar to big professional desktop-grade DACs.

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