QDC Anole V14

QDC Anole V14 10BA + 4EST IEM

QDC has announced their latest flagship from their highly acclaimed “Anole” series of IEMs, the Anole V14. It comes as an upgrade to the well-renowned Anole VX, with better 3D fluorescent face panels and 14 driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair is equipped with 10 high-performance balanced armature units paired with 4 EST drivers on both sides. It has an exquisite beautiful design with 3D fluorescent face panels that shows a change in color from black to green after absorbing light. It also features four tuning switches that provide 16 different sound tuning options to the users. The QDC Anole V14 has a price tag of 2999$.

QDC Anole V14 6

QDC is Hi-Fi audio equipment manufacturing brand with a history of military and police audio equipment development. They mainly focus on high-tier portable audio earphones with well-renowned series such as Anole, and more. They are also the manufacturers of the world’s costliest in-ear monitors, the QDC Blue Dragon.

QDC Anole V14 2

The QDC V14 features patented Multi-channel frequency division technology based on multi-tube filtering. It uses adjacent frequency band crosstalk. This lets the pair achieve a clean and crisp multi-frequency response free from interference or multi-driver distortion issues.

QDC Anole V14 5

The QDC V14 features one of its kind 3D-Fluorescent face panels that changes color after absorbing light. After absorbing light, they change the entire look of the pair from a simple black face panel to magnificent fluorescent green panels completely changing the look. The pair features an ergonomic design similar to QDC’s previous flagships that are known to provide a comfortable fit.

QDC Anole V14

The QDC V14 earpieces have 4 tuning switches that correspond to the 4-way frequency division. One switch is for the lower end, one for mid-frequencies, one for highs, and one for ultra-highs. They present 16 different sound tuning options for the users such as Pop, classical, hip-hop, and more.

QDC Anole V14 3

The pair is bundled with a high-purity 12-core silver-copper hybrid cable with swappable termination plugs. The package includes 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm single-ended termination plugs. It is a high-purity cable that provides uninterrupted audio signal transmission for a transparent sound response with the pair.

QDC Anole V14 4

Despite having a huge 14 driver setup the pair has low power requirements. All the drivers utilized in the pair are highly sensitive. The pair has a flexible low impedance rating of 12-20Ω based on the tuning setup you choose with a high-sensitivity rating of 105-108dB/mW. It can be powered easily with a smartphone and other portable sources.


HiFi 14 driver hybrid configuration on both sides.

Ten High-performance BA units.

Four powerful EST drivers.

QDC’s patented Multitube Multi-Frequency divider technology.

3D Fluorescent face panels.

Four different tuning switches(On each earpiece).

High-quality 12-core copper-silver hybrid wire with interchangeable termination plug.

2.5mm Bal, 4.4mm Bal, and 3.5mm SE termination plugs included.

Impedance: 12-20Ω.

Frequency Range: 10Hz-50kHz.

Sensitivity: 105-108dB/mW.

Noise-reduction: 26dB.