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Ranko Acoustics RIE-880

Ranko Acoustics released their single DD IEM, the Ranko Acoustics RIE-880. RIE-880 comes with a 9.2mm dynamic driver unit. The pair has a wide frequency response range of 5Hz-30kHz.

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Ranko RIE-880 is crafted using 3D printing technology with an ergonomic shape to provide a comfortable fit, crafted using a skin-friendly resin. They also feature hand-painted faceplates. Ranko RIE-880 comes has a high-purity RHA-1050 cable that is made with 6N OCC Silver-Plated monocrystalline copper and OCC copper wires. It has flexible PVC insulation, standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors, and a gold-plated 3.5mm termination plug.

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Ranko is a well-experienced brand when it comes to the craftsmanship of cable and internals, even in their budget RIE-880 IEM GC-OCC wire used in the internal circuit design. Ranko RIE-880 is available to purchase of 140$. Comes in two colors both black and white.

Ranko Acoustics RIE 880


9.2mm Dynamic Driver unit on each side.

High-performance OCC Monocrystalline Silver-plated copper cable.

High-Precision 3D-Printed Ear Shells.

RA FPhase Patented proprietary Acoustic Technology.

Hand-Painted Ear Faceplates.

Skin-Friendly Resin Material Shells.

Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-30kHz.

Maximum Power: 15mW.

Impedance: 60 Ohm.

24K Gold-Plated 3.5mm Termination.

Standard 0.78mm 2-Pin Termination.

Weight: 3.5 grams for each earpiece.