REECHO SG-03 Review – A Stargate To High Fidelity!

Reecho is a new company of which I have very little knowledge. I am aware of their earlier collaborations with Peacock Audio, A brand of which I am fond of for their P1 earphone. Other than that, Reecho are a total mystery to me.

The Reecho SG-03 are single dynamic driver in-ear earphones with titanium coated drivers. I purchased them from Penon audio for $70.

I don’t really have any expectations for them. There isn’t any hype online and I haven’t heard any other Reecho products, so I’m just gonna hope for a smooth V-shaped signature.

The SG-03 features a titanium coated dynamic driver, a highly studied ergonomic fit, and an all-alloy shell.

The titanium-plated diaphragm, strong N50 magnets, thickened bass rings, etc. shows a balanced presentation with high-resolution clarity and detailing throughout a wide frequency response range.”


After cooperation with multiple world-famous hearing aid companies, Reecho has designed the SG-03 based on an analysis of thousands of human ear measurement data. They have established themselves a unified universal model and design that will provide a custom-IEM like fit for most users.”

Sounds good, I suppose… The research done into the fit and shape of these is why they appealed to me. I would love a nice-sounding in-ear earphone that’s super comfy! Also, the big titanium-coated drivers were very appealing!  

Before we get going here, I would like to share my personal sound signature preference with you.

It’s more of a V-shaped signature. I like the big sub-bass & sparkly, airy treble. If I’m being honest, mids usually just ruin things for me, but not always. A mild scoop in the mids will always sound more correct to me though. I am not a big fan of flatly tuned earphones either. I prefer a more ‘dry’ note characteristic and a more upfront presentation also. The treble can be energetic but must avoid peakiness & stridency. I’d rather have a less detailed, smoother treble over a more detailed, but more fatiguing one.



The Reecho SG-03 comes in a basic box with foam innards. The included tips are fine but the case & cable are both very nice indeed! At this price, the overall presentation is just fine here. Not award-winning, but still plenty good.


First Impressions

The SG-03 is uniquely designed with a dark blue multi-angled stealth bomber kind of look. The earpieces feel lightweight in the hand and have a cold & metallic feel to them. The cable is very soft and has no memory at all. The pre-formed guides are not bad at all either, but I would still prefer none at all.  

Comfort seems really good with these. They seat somewhat deep in my ear, which I prefer and they don’t feel big or bulky at all.

NIce! The Sg-03 has a good V shape signature! It’s wide sounding, it’s bassy, it’s detailed and sparkly!

Gear used

For this review, I will be using my Fiio M11 digital audio player to stream Tidal Premium music service. I will be listening via the 3.5mm of the M11. I am also using Misodiko TWS foam tips.


Sound Impressions

The Reecho Sg-03 has a detailed signature with tactile low-end performance. I hear vivid mid-tones & vocals with good imaging and staging cues. The tones seem to have a dry, cool, lightweight characteristic to them.


 The low end here is nice and strong. Kick drums feel impactful & solid. Electronic music, synthesizers, bass guitars all have a very pleasant musicality & do a great job giving things a solid backbone. Sub-bass is free of any sort of wooliness, the mid-bass is free of boomy or bloominess. Overall just very solid, vivid lows here with a tasteful sub-bass focus.

Mid frequencies:

I was surprised here, actually! Usually, mids are gonna be recessed or pushed back if you have a nice full bass response, but the SG-03 really doesn’t suffer from recession here at all. The mids are still very much in the mix, so to speak. Instruments, brass, distorted guitars, keys all sound nice and forward with lots of detail. Vocals sound natural with a cool tone. It’s refreshing to hear nice bass and still have mids to match it!


The Star Gate shows great strengths here! I hear a very crisp, detailed top end with a very nice sense of space. The roll-off is done very well here. It’s not noticeable to me, really. It sounds very well integrated into the signature. I guess ‘well extended’ is the term I am going for here. It doesn’t get harsh or distorted either.


Soundstage & Imaging:

 As I stated above, the sense of space the SG-03 provides is a generous one. It has more width than height or depth. Left to right channel imaging is done very well here too. Everything has a nice multi-dimensional feel to it. The SG-03 recreates atmospheres very well.

Likes & Dislikes

I like lots of things about the Reecho SG-03. The price, the included case, the stealthy look, the comfort and fit, the cable is really nice, actually and finally the sound!

As for dislikes, I would really have to try to come up with something here as I just can’t find anything I would really want to change about the SG-03. Mabey If Reecho were to offer a 4.4mm termination? Without ear guides? That’s really all I can think of.

REECHO SG 03 Review 3


When I consider the notion that Reecho, in my opinion, was very successful in not just the Physical & visual design of the StarGate 03, (I just love the styling) but was also able to nail the sound signature so well too. AND! again so successfully implement a very comfortable & secure fit. All for well under $100. It’s pretty compelling. Throw in the Titanium coated dynamic driver and the included cable which is better than many many others at this price and over due to the suppleness, complete lack of memory, and inoffensive/minimalistic ear guides, only adds to the already glowing presentation here. 

The Reecho SG-03 gets a sure-fire recommendation from me. I think it’s a novel recommendation due to the relatively low cost, High-end design, striking & vivid sound signature, and the high quality included accessories.

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