Shanling MG600

Shanling’s new in-ear monitor the MG600 is on the market.

The main body of the MG600 is made completely out of a stabilized maple wood, with colour tones ranging from deep dark to very light blues, accompanied by yellow or golden veins going through it. Each pair is carefully crafted and colour-matched, yet each of them is wholly unique and not like any other.

Shanling has designed a new 10mm dynamic driver for the MG600 with an aluminium-magnesium diaphragm. Shanling says that this unique diaphragm hits the sweet spot with a perfect balance of thinness and hardness. It offers quality performance with great clarity and precision, all thanks to the powerful dynamic driver.
In order to maintain the air pressure inside the cavity and also ensure a comfortable experience by relieving the pressure on the ears, Shanling has designed the cavities for MG600 with a semi-open cavity design. Ergonomic design, comfortable wearing experience. Smaller size, higher integration, has more comfortable to wear.

The technical specs are not announced yet but the price, the MG600 will be sold for 639$, so we understand that the MG model belongs to the flagship line.