Shozy Black Hole Mini Semi-Open Back Thuja Wood IEMs

Shozy Black Hole, the single DD flagship from the brand is one of the most unique looking pair of in-ear monitors in the market. With inspiration from the highly appreciated Black Hole’s design, Shozy has launched an all-new pair of IEMs, the Shozy Black Hole Mini. Featuring premium Thuja Wood ear shells the Black Hole Mini provides excellent looks with a premium rich tonality throughout the frequency response range. Shozy has specially designed the shells and implemented patented multiple frequency separation technology for distortion-free, pleasant sound output. The pair boasts a semi-open back architecture with a rich lively acoustic performance. It is available for 659.99$.

The wooden shells provide special unique looks to the pair with rich vocal tonality. They are made using a high-precision CNC machining process achieving high QC standards with high stability in the assembly line and minimal unit variance. Every pair of Shozy Black Hole Mini is tuned and adjusted with care to deliver the best performance.

Currently, only the Thuja Material is available but Shozy has planned to bring more wooden variants for the Black Hole Mini.

The Shozy Black Hole Mini has a specially designed chamber on the front side that consists of multiple circular mechanical damping devices. The ear nozzle minimizes the standing waves by actively controlling the formation of nodes. This results in lower sound distortion and coloration, allowing clean, distortion-free, and pleasant sound reproduction.

Shozy has implemented its patented Multiple Frequency Separation Technology (M.S.T.) to deliver an extremely low distortion rating over a wide frequency range while withstanding high sound pressure levels. This reduces the distortion in the output and presents the users with an extremely smooth acoustic response.

The Black Hole Mini features an 8mm dynamic driver unit that has received tuning from professionals in the industry. It provides a lively, energetic response with a wide soundstage representation. The soundstage is so huge that it presents a whole concert hall experience for the users.

Shozy has carefully studied many ear samples to craft the Black Hole Mini. The thickness of the housing is carefully calculated and machined to not stress the ear while putting the earphone on or putting it off. The compact size fits most people’s outer ear easily and the housing is a part of the resonance chamber design.


Premium Thuja Wood Ear Shells.

Semi-Open back Design.

Design inspired from flagship Black Hole Metallic IEM.

Driver: 8mm dynamic.

Impedance:16 Ohm.

Frequency response: 16 Hz-24KHz.

Sensitivity: 105 dB.

SPL: 125dB @ 1KHz.

THD (Total harmonic distortion): < 1% @ 1KHz.

Termination: 3.5mm/4.4mm Gold-plated.

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