SIMGOT DEW4X Review – My Favorite Dongle DAC

The SIMGOT DEW4X dongle DAC-AMP is a new device that comes with dual C43198 DAC chips. It has a dynamic range of 130dB, which allows for authentic and expressive music reproduction. This DAC-AMP supports high-definition audio formats like 384kHz/32Bit PCM and DSD 256, making it capable of decoding different audio sources effortlessly. With its peripheral filtering circuits, it effectively suppresses power noise and interference, resulting in a pure and stable audio signal.


This gadget has an impressively quiet noise level, boasting a signal-to-noise ratio of 130dB and a distortion rate of only 0.0002% (@4.4mm BAL). The setup guarantees that the audio is delivered in a setting as silent and dark as a curtain, resulting in an almost completely noise-free audio experience (1μVrms).

The DEW4X has a body made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, precision machined with CNC for a smooth, contoured look. The surface is sandblasted and anodized in black to prevent oxidation and fatigue, with laser engraving for a textured finish. It includes a Type-C audio interface for added convenience, focusing on both function and style.


Superior oxygen-free copper shielding minimizes interference, improving sound clarity. The interchangeable cable design enables simple upgrades and connections to different devices, such as a standard Type-C to USB and an optional lightning interface for Apple products.

The gadget has beautifully crafted buttons for simple use and seamless transition between settings. It follows the UAC1.0 standard and works with different devices. The 3.5mm SE stereo and 4.4mm BA output interfaces accommodate various headphone plugs. Moreover, the 30-level button adjustment for volume control has a non-linear progression, enabling accurate volume settings that are saved even when turned off.


The volume level remembers the last setting when turned off. DEW4X has separate controls for button volume adjustment and mobile phone volume adjustment. DEW4X automatically operates in UAC2.0 mode when turned on. UAC mode cannot be changed while in use.

Turn off DEW4X, press and hold the “Volume +” button, and then connect it to a computer, mobile phone, or game console. Wait for the indicator light to slow down and flash before releasing the button. DEW4X will now work in UAC1.0 mode.


To switch between high and low-level models during DEW4X operation, simply press both buttons simultaneously.


  • DAC Chip: Dual C43198
  • Output Power: 3.5mm @32ohm – 70mW X 2, 4.4mm @ 32ohm – 150mW X 2
  • Decoding specifications: PCM: 384kHz/32 bit
  • DSD: Dop 128/Native 256
  • Body material: Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black
  • Interchangeable Line Design: Yes
  • Cable material: High-quality OFC-wrapped shielding layer
  • Connector: Type-C
  • Output plug: 3.5mm, 4.4mm
  • Body: 41.7 x 24.2 x 12.0mm
  • Cable: 10.5mm
  • Weight: 24g

I want to thank SIMGOT for providing me with the review sample of the DEW4X dongle DAC-AMP.


The SIMGOT DEW4X offers a balanced and natural sound quality without any specific emphasis on certain frequencies. It has a neutral tone and showcases technical expertise. I used it alongside my everyday SIMGOT EA1000 earphones, and the combination produced a remarkably clear sound that was neither warm nor analytical.

SIMGOT DEW4X Review (2)

The SIMGOT DEW4X accurately reproduces the sound of the headphone/IEM without making any changes. It has a strong power output and a completely silent background. There are no hissing or humming sounds at all. The resolution and clarity of the sound are both excellent.

The sound is incredibly clear and precise. The level of detail is impressive, including the resolution and transparency. The overall presentation and delivery feel more intimate than relaxed. It has great dynamism with good attack and speed. The bass is particularly well-controlled, with good decay and recovery.

SIMGOT DEW4X Review (2)

The bass has a strong and deep impact, while also being quick. It recovers quickly and the amount is satisfying. The mid-bass is sufficient in quantity and well-controlled. The midrange is very clean, with excellent detail retrieval that emphasizes every small nuance in a guitar passage or vocal performance.

The tonality is spot on, with no added color to the human voices. The guitar sounds amazing and the Space accurately captures the weight and subtle vibrations of the notes. The upper midrange is controlled but still extends well. The hi-hats are not overly splashy, they have their distinct place and the extension sounds very natural.

SIMGOT DEW4X Review (2)

The high notes come after the successful middle notes. They are long, light, and roomy without any problems with control. The high notes are detailed, distinct, and unrestricted.

In terms of soundstage, we experience a nice three-dimensional effect with great depth and width, along with clear layers of instruments. There is a sufficient amount of space between the instruments, making it effortless to distinguish each one on stage.

SIMGOT DEW4X Review (2)

Due to its strong technical capability, the DEW4X is also very effective in managing congestion. Overall, the imaging is outstanding. It presents a precise and harmonious spaciousness and airiness. Additionally, the DEW4X exhibits impressive dynamism.


When it comes to dongle DACs after the sound performance the second most important thing for me is its size. The DEW4X is one of the smallest USB DACs available on the market.

If you want a clean, clear, and natural sound profile, the SIMGOT DEW4X is the ideal dongle DAC for you. , and I believe it is worth every cent you invest in it.