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Smabat ST20 – ST20 Pro

ST20 Pro

Smabat uses the coaxial hybrid structure for the first time, 15.4mm dynamic + high frequency balanced armature. The balanced armature unit can exert its high-frequency acoustic performance and make the sound level clearer. ST20 Pro is the second earbuds, the first was DUNU Alpha 1, with dynamic + balanced armature drivers. Balanced armature dive utilizes its high-frequency advantage to make treble clearer. The bass energy driven by the dynamic driver is strong, and the mid-frequency is thick and accurate.

Smabat ST20 ST20 Pro 3

ST20pro configuration

  • Driver: balanced armature + dynamic driver
  • Comfort: comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Acoustic structure: conch labyrinth
  • Bass: thick and elastic
  • Treble: balanced armature UHF
  • Sound quality: average mid-bass energy

ST20pro balanced armature + 100 Ω Biofilm dynamic

  • 29686 balanced armature + Biofilm membrane dynamic
  • PU elastic film: large amplitude bass output
  • Dome biofilm: large size dome fibre membrane for enhanced bass energy and lower distortion
  • 29689 balanced armature: compensate for high-frequency sounds output
  • 8 strands silver-plated gold hybrid cable


  • Driver: 29689 balanced armature + Biofilm dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Impedance: 120Ω
  • Frequency: 10-28kHz
  • Cable: 8 strands of silver-plated gold mixed cable
  • Plug: 4.4mm balanced


  • ST20 Pro earbuds
  • 2 pairs of solid foam ear tips
  • 2 pairs of doughnut foam ear tips
  • 4.4mm 8 strands silver-plated gold mixed cable
  • 3.5mm silver-plated cable
  • 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter
  • Storage bag

Price: 316$

Smabat ST20

Smabat has been incorporating innovative ideas into products from Svara to M2s modular earphones and the X series of manual tuning earphones are their exploration of the future from HiFi products. Today, the ST20 is their proudest product.

Conch acoustic principle

Smabat ST20 ST20 Pro 5

ST20, 50-ohm LCP liquid crystal diaphragm unit

  • LCP dome liquid crystal: film, improve treble clarity
  • PU elastic film: stronger low-frequency energy output
  • 8 strands silver-plated hybrid cable

Sound driver

It is the core of sound quality, the diaphragm directly affects the quality of earbuds. Use composite diaphragms compared with the traditional single-layer diaphragm unit, the distortion is low and the audio signal is output clearly.

Smabat ST20 ST20 Pro 6


  • Driver: LCP unit
  • Sensitivity: 115dB
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency response: 10-24kHz
  • Cable: 8 strands silver-plated hybrid braided cable
  • Plug: 3.5mm


  • ST20 earbuds
  • 2 pairs of solid foam ear tips
  • 2 pairs of doughnut foam ear tips
  • 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter
  • 3.5mm 8 strands silver-plated hybrid braided cable
  • Storage bag

Price: 128$

Smabat ST20 ST20 Pro 4

Smabat earbuds course

Introduced SVARA in 2017 to solve low frequency and mid-frequency problems, various acoustic structures were tested using 3D printing technology and CNC metal.

SVARA in 2017, ST-10 in 2018, ST-10s in 2019, Super one in 2020.

4 years later, the ST20 is the last product.

Founder’s message

“So far, all earbuds on the market haven’t found the technology to make good earbuds. Smabat did it, the world’s first earbuds with balanced armature + dynamic hybrid unit, and Smabat will keep exploring remember to pay attention to the development of Little Bat Technology. Smabat will share the product design and development process with your last sentence: It is an honour to present such an excellent product to you.”