SMSL C100 AKM Mini DAC Review

Equipped with one piece of AKM’s new AK4493S chip, the new SMSL C100 can reach an unprecedented 0.00013% after careful adjustments. The C100 DAC also utilizes the latest 3rd-Generation XMOS XU316 solution supporting PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512.

The C100 AKM USB DAC developed by SMSL features a built-in high-performance power filter system, which can achieve the best performance only using the USB interface for the power supply. Besides, there is a new self-developed CK-03 clock processing circuit, reducing clock jitter greatly.

Adopting MQA technology to support MQA decoding, The C100 can receive and decode MQA audio and provide voice at the level of the master band. It is worth mentioning that SMSL C100 MQA playback does not require the use of special playback software, such as foobar2000.

C100 AKM USB DAC follows with USB/optical fiber/coaxial/Bluetooth input and RCA output. Besides, the USB input can support PCM 32bit/768kHz. With the help of these powerful ports, the C100 decoder can be connected to much audio equipment, such as TV, CD/DVD, mobile phone, PC, etc.

Standard with a new SMSL remote control with a better feel and quality, the SMSL C100 features an ultra-tiny shape design supporting a variety of placement ways. The C100 also characterizes USB asynchronous transmission, compatible with windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, Mac OS X10.6 or above, and Linux.

  • AK4493S Decoding Chip & XMOS 3rd-Gen XU316 USB Solution
  • High-Performance Power Filter System & CK-03 Clock System
  • Advanced MQA Decoding Technology
  • Full-Functional Remote Control & Ultra-Tiny Shape Design
  • Price: $119