SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC – CD Player

SMSL has joined the team of new-generation CD players with the all-new PL200. Designed with their self-developed P.A.S.S. Technology(Precision Access Servo System), the PL200 provides fast responsive performance with accurate reading. With self-developed Vibration dampers, the PL200 has an excellent anti-vibration performance. It is an MQA-CD player with a built-in Bluetooth receiver and a fully blown desktop DAC as well. SMSL has equipped the PL200 with the latest-generation AKM’s flagship AK4499EX DAC chipset. They have featured a low-noise jitter clock promising top-level performance for the users. We have multiple output options including Headphone Out, RCA, XLR, and even Coaxial & and optical Digital outputs as well. SMSL PL200 is a fully-equipped CD player that you can enjoy as a single device setup on your desktop.

SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC - CD Player

SMSL is an expert brand when it comes to designing premium quality desktop gear. The latest PL200 features their specially crafted P.A.S.S. (Precision Access Servo System) Technology. The servo system has been developed over a deep R&D by the team over two years. It characterizes the PL200 as having a fast, responsive, and accurate CD reader. Together with the self-developed vibration dampers, it has fantastic Anti-Vibration performance as well.

SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC - CD Player

SMSL PL200 is not just a high-end CD Player, it’s a fully blown all-in-one device that can do it all. We have a USB Input with an XMOS Processor, a flagship AKM DAC chipset, a high-performance headphone amp circuit,  XLR, RCA line-out options, and solid Coaxial, Optical Digital output as well. It can single-handedly provide you with all you need in a desktop chain.

SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC - CD Player

SMSL has equipped the PL200 with the flagship AK4499EX DAC chipset. Together with a high-performance XMOS receiver, the AKM DAC enables decoding for high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD audio signals. It is also certified for MQA and MQA-CD signal decoding.

SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC - CD Player

SMSL has used its years of expertise in designing and developing of the PL200. They have equipped the device with advanced components including low-phase noise high-precision clock sources, a high-performance headphone amp with patented PLFC circuitry, three OPA1612A OPAMPs, multiple low-noise regulated power supplies, etc. Get an efficient performance while maintaining quality sound!!

One can also utilize the PL200 as a Bluetooth DAC/AMP, with the help of Qualcomm’s flagship Bluetooth chipset, the PL200 supports Bluetooth V5.1 connections. It supports high-definitional codecs including LDAC, APTX HD, AAC, SBC, etc.

SMSL PL200 AK4499EX DAC CD Player

Unlike other devices, PL200 supports open CD playback. Users can lift the flap and the PL200 can still work as it should. You just have to long-press the playback button when the flap is not covered to get it working.

SMSL PL200 features a colored IPS panel display with tempered glass on the front. It has a newly developed UI that emphasizes simplicity and aesthetics. The display shows various settings such as time, playback settings, etc.


  • Premium CD Player.
  • AKM’s Flagship AK4499EX DAC Chipset.
  • MQA & MQA-CD Certified.
  • XMOS Latest-Generation USB Processor.
  • 32-Bit/768kHz PCM & Native DSD512 Decoding.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • High-Definition LDAC Bluetooth Codec Support.
  • IPS LCD Display Screen.
  • Classy Piano Key-Like Design.
  • High-Performance Headphone Amplifier With Patented PLFC Circuitry.
  • Three Units OPA1612A OPAMPs.
  • Self-Developed Clock Architecture.
  • Multiple Low-Noise Regulated Power Supplies.
  • High-Quality Full-Aluminum Alloy Housing.
  • Specially Developed Vibration Dampners.
  • Full-Functioning Remote Control.
  • XLR, RCA, Coaxial, Optical Output Options.

Price: $669

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