S.M.S.L SU 6 High Performance USB DAC and SH 6 Powerful Headphone Amplifier

S.M.S.L “mini” Desktop SU-6 DAC and SH-6 AMP

S.M.S.L has released its latest “mini” desktop stack, S.M.S.L SU-6 DAC and SH-6 AMP. SU-6 is the decoder with an ESS Sabre DAC chip. It also has Bluetooth Input as well as USB input connections. The SH-6 is a headphone amplifier that is capable of providing up to 2.6W of output at 16Ω of load.


S.M.S.L Launches SU 6

The SU-6 houses an ES9038Q2M Sabre DAC chip combined with a 2nd gen XMOS USB processor for USB signal decoding. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for signal input including LDAC  codec. S.M.S.L has designed the SU-6 with premium audio components including four high-end OPA1612 OP-AMPs. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM as well as native DSD512 decoding support. S.M.S.L has featured an audio-clock processing circuit that greatly reduced the clock jitter ensuring quality sound performance.

S.M.S.L Launches SU 6 2


  • Premium ES9038Q2M Sabre DAC chip.
  • 2nd Gen XMOS USB Processor.
  • High-res 32-Bit/768kHz PCM as well as native DSD512 decoding.
  • Four high-end DUal OPA1612 OP AMPs.
  • Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.
  • Ultra-low Jitter Clock.
  • Tempered Glass Display Panel.
  • Built-In Specially Developed Low-Noise Switching Power Supply.
  • Fully Functional Remote-Control.

Price: 169.99$

SMSL SU-6 Specs
SMSL SU-6 Specs



SH 6 Powerful Headphone Amplifier 2

The SH-6 produces 2.6W of clean output power at 16Ω of load. Even at 32Ω of the load, the SH-6 outputs up to 1.3W of clean signal output. It has an ultra-low distortion linear feedback circuit developed by S.M.S.L. It helps the device achieve an ultra-low distortion rating reaching as low as 0.00006%. Matching the SU-6 Desktop DAC, the SH-6 has classic look with a compact form factor and ultra-low noise power supply design. It offers two-level gain modes for the users, low gain with 0dB gain and high-gain with +15.5dB gain. S.M.S.L SH-6 also has a POP-Free protected design to protect our premium headphones from sudden power increase while turning the device on.

SH 6 Powerful Headphone Amplifier e1638298319637


  • Ultra-Low Distortion Linear Feedback Circuit.
  • THD+N as low as 0.00006%.
  • Powerful output power.
  • Classic toggle switch design.
  • Two-level gain switch.
  • Pop-free noise design.
  • Ultra-low noise power supply design.

Price: 119.99$

SMSL SH-6 Specs
SMSL SH-6 Specs