The SMSL SU-9 Pro boasts the latest flagship, an 8-channel ES9039PRO decoding chip from ESS Technology. It also utilizes a self-developed brand-new CK-03 jitter processing circuit, greatly lowering the clock jitter. As for the amplification stage, 11 pcs OPA1612 were used. SU-9 Pro is built-in shielding and low-noise power processing, improving the power efficiency, bringing a lower power consumption, and specially designed discrete component linear regulated power supply and several low-noise regulated power supplies provide low-noise power supply for analog circuits.

SMSL went with the fastest XMOS chipset that will handle incoming USB signals, it is the newest 3rd generation XU-316, a true 32-bit USB solution, supports DoP and Native DSD, PCM supports up to 768kHz, DSD supports up to DSD512. Furthermore, it fully supports MQA and MQA-CD.

The SU-9 Pro supports all the standard Bluetooth codecs, including AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX-HD, and LDAC.

The SU-9 Pro design features their family’s cues, such as the CNC-milled aluminum chassis, and a chamfered, anodized matte black finish. It has a clean-looking front panel, with a volume knob, plus a big fully fitted LCD screen in the middle.

On the back, come rich high-end gold-plated input/output interfaces, as the RCA and XLR out, and of course USB, Coaxial and Optical, a Bluetooth antenna socket, and an AC inlet.


  • Input: USB/Optical / Coaxial / Bluetooth
  • Output: RCA/XLR
  • Dynamic range:134dB(XLR),128dB(RCA)
  • MQA decoder:USB/Optical / Coaxial
  • MQA-CD decoder:Optical / Coaxial
  • Sampling rate & Bit Width:
    USB PCM                                           44.1 ~768kHz (32bit)
    DSD                                          2.8224 ~22.5792MHz (1bit)
    Optical/ Coaxial                                 44.1 ~192kHz (24bit)
    DoP                        DoP256(USB),DoP64 (Optical/ Coaxial)
  • Bluetooth:5.0
  • Size:187.5x154x40mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight:0.79kg

Price: $499

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