Softear Tremolo Custom IEMs

Softear Tremolo Custom IEMs

Softears Tremolo makes custom IEMs accessible easily to a wider audience. After an extensive experience with countless custom IEMs designed, Softears has achieved expertise in designing custom IEMs. With the Tremolo, they offer a custom-fit model with a single 10mm dynamic driver unit. They have used specially-designed conduction airflow control and shock-absorbing reflection baffle.

Softear Tremolo Custom IEMs

Softears has designed thousands of custom in-ear monitors for professional musicians and audio enthusiasts from all around the world. They have successfully solved the assembly problem of custom models. Tremolo is crafted using a skin-friendly medical-grade resin material. It fits perfectly, provides complete isolation, and serves you well with excellent sound capabilities.

Softears Tremolo comes equipped with a 10mm large dynamic driver that features a Beryllium-plated diaphragm coil. The driver is carefully designed and adjusted for an excellent sound presentation. It delivers impressive sound with excellent clarity and top-class resolution.

Softear Tremolo Custom IEMs 3

In order to deliver quality sound performance, The latest Softears Tremolo comes equipped with an N52 Neodymium magnetic circuit. It produces a powerful magnetic flux that helps in the swift movement of the diaphragm coil resulting in a clean sound with lower distortion.

Softears Tremolo comes with a high-quality stock cable crafted using premium sterling silver wire cores. Pure Sterling Silver wire enables swift signal transmission with low internal resistance. It adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a balanced 4.4mm termination plug.

Softear Tremolo Custom IEMs 2


  • Private Model Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors.
  • 10mm Beryllium-Plated Diaphragm Dynamic Driver unit.
  • N52-based Strong Magnetic Structure.
  • Specially-Designed Conduction Airflow Control.
  • Shock-Absorbing Reflection Baffle.
  • Standard 2-pin 0.78mm Connectors.
  • Upgraded Pure-Silver Cable.
  • Balanced 4.4mm Termination.
  • Includes 4.4mm to 3.5mm Connector Cable.

Technical Specs

  • Impedance: 16Ω@1kHz (±15%).
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: <1%@1kHz.
  • Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin.
  • Termination: 4.4mm Balanced.
  • Shell Material: Medical-Grade Resin.

Price: $739