Tanchjim Prism 6

Tanchjim Prism IEM

Tanchjim flagship Prism is officially launched internationally with a price tag of 599.99$, including a triple drivers configuration on each side with a DTM4 dynamic driver and composite dual balanced armature drivers.

Tanchjim Prism 2

Tanchjim’s latest flagship has a dynamic driver unit with fourth-generation DMT technology. This DD is paired with a composite dual Balanced Armature driver from Sonion. The drivers are arranged in frequency division calculated by equivalent analysis ensuring both kinds of drivers connect smoothly and provide their peak performance at all times. Based on Helm holt resonant cavity principle, the rear cavity in Prism has an acoustic labyrinth pattern that absorbs the reflected frequencies.

Tanchjim Prism 3
Tanchjim Prism has hand-crafted sapphire glass face covers.

Tanchjim Prism’s ear nozzle features an Italian SAATI filter and a nano-sized hydrophobic dust-proof coating to ensure protecting the pair from steam and dust from entering and damaging the cavity.

Tanchjim Prism 4


Powerful DMT4 Dynamic Driver With CNT Diaphragm.

High-performance Composite Dual BA Unit from Sonion.

Specially Designed Metamaterial Acoustic Cavity.

Directional Sound Absorption & Guided Deflation.

Brand-New Air Filter Architecture.

0.78mm 2-pin Connectors.

Impedance: 16 ohm.

Sensitivity: 125dB.

Frequency Response Range: 7Hz-50kHz.

THD+N: <0.15%.

3.5mm Termination Plug.

Price: 599$

Tanchjim Prism 7