TinHiFi C2 Review 18

TinHiFi C2 Review

TinHiFi C2 Mech Warrior is a newly-developed single-dynamic driver IEM with an all-new mechanical design. The pair adopts a 10mm dynamic driver with a new PU+LCP composite diaphragm. It’s tuned based on suggestions from various audio enthusiasts around the world.

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Tin HiFi C2 has got all-new mechanical design, the shells are made of high-quality 6063 aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. They are processed by a high-precision five-axis CNC machining process ensuring a high-quality textured finish.

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Tin HiFi C2 has a newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit. The driver adopts a double-cavity design with an LCP+PU Composite diaphragm, N52 Neodymium magnetic circuit, and CCAW 0.035mm ultra-light voice coil.

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Tin HiFi C2’s dynamic driver adopts a composite diaphragm with a balance between high rigidity, high-internal loss, and micrometer thickness. It effectively suppresses unnecessary vibrations and has strong elasticity.

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The C2 has been deeply optimized based on the suggestions provided by audio enthusiasts from all around the globe. It has been tuned to deliver consistent performance that will complement different genres of music well.

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Tin HiFi C2 comes with a high-quality 2-pin 0.78mm cable. It has a 3.5mm termination. The cable has concave memory hooks near the 2-pin connectors that contribute to achieving better wearing comfort with the pair.


  • All-new Mechanical Design.
  • Custom-developed 10mm Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver.
  • Newly-Developed PU+LCP Composite Diaphragm.
  • CNC machined aviation-grade 6063 Aluminum alloy ear shells.
  • Professional Tuning Adjustment.
  • 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

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  • Impedance: 32Ω±15%.
  • Sensitivity: 104±3dB.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz.
  • Rated Power: 3mW.
  • Max Distortion: 3%@1kHz.
  • Price: $29

What’s in the box

I would like to thank Keephifi for providing me with the review sample of TinHiFi Mech Warrior C2 (no affiliate link).


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Out of the box, I just plugged them into the phone with a passive (no DAC chip inside) Type-C to 3.5mm adapter, to see how they’d cope with a “simple setup”. And honestly, this went far better than I expected. With deep lows and a slight emphasis on highs, makes the C2 a nice all-rounder that should fit most listeners.

TinHiFi C2 Review

But, what’s really impressive is how natural and inoffensive the C2 seems to be. Even when I cranked up the volume the IEM never threw me back. Wide soundstage, powerful low kicks, and a very nice layering, that keeps the vocals upfront all the time.

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Not the stock cable

The C2 really shines when paired with a good source, in my case this was the SMSL DO200 MKII. Even with a source like the iBasso DC03 Pro dongle DAC, the C2 stood its ground. Still able to extract a lot of details.


Bass is deep, fast, and natural. The lows are the pillar of all the great things that happen upfront. The driver seems to handle plenty of boost before going into major distortion and seems like a good candidate for EDM, Hip Hop, or popular music with heavy basslines. It’s deep, and clean, without overpowering the rest of the spectrum. It has a cool rumble, one that carries you through your musical journey and leaves you in a better shape than you were when you embarked.

The bass has a slight elevation, particularly in the midbass section but it is fast and precise with lots of energy behind it. The bass digs deep and bass tones come in clear with good note distinction.

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Rich, full, and clean mids make for an enjoyable experience. Vocals are bliss, and the IEM can fully immerse you, in just a few seconds. The C2 midrange dips in output a couple of decibels according to the frequency graph versus the midbass but it does not seem deficient or veiled in listening tests. It seems fairly balanced in frequency response.

Although there is a reduction in the output the midrange seems to take a more forward position than the frequency graphs show, particularly with the wide-bore ear tips. This forwardness comes with a touch of expansiveness and the elements seem fairly wide. Vocals have a certain upper-tone crispness that was pleasing to my ears. The resolution and clarity are very good. It’s quick and clean and you can immediately feel vocals take a really special part.

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Highs are clean and refined. No harshness, some nice boost on the upper range. The C2 has clear highs and good resolution that you would not expect from a $30 set. The C2 is a fairly revealing IEM producing a good amount of the microdetails and nuances present in recordings. I think it is one of their best qualities.


The staging capabilities of the C2 are mostly in width, height, and depth and in that order in size perception. The staging is realistic and not exaggeratedly large but can project a fairly natural sound positioning.

Another aspect of the C2 is its ability to resolve and keep congestion to a minimum and keep elements within a track separated one from the other. Layering is done well and the C2 gives the user a decent amount of directional information and placement.

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I love metal shells more when it’s about IEMs. And the craftsmanship of the C2 feels like much higher value than it cost. With its flush mids, exquisite vocals, powerful bass, and excellent clarity for the price, the TinHiFi Mech Warrior C2 sounds as good as it looks. The war in the budget segment is getting tougher every day and the C2 is a total winner in every aspect, an easy recommendation from me.

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