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TINHIFI P1 MAX – Big Panda

TINHIFI’s latest planar model is on the market. P1 MAX Big Panda.

P1 MAX uses a 14.2 mm planar drive unit this time, unlike 10mm as the previous models. This 2 microns thick and aluminium made diaphragm adopts a double array type driver structure with two N52 magnets. This combination produces a quick dynamic response in a wide frequency range.

TINHIFI P1 MAX Big Panda 3


The shells are made from lightweight resin and the face-plates are hand-crafted using a 3D-printed stainless steel torch wire drawing process, with a high-gloss finish.

TINHIFI has designed a unique acoustic structure for P1 MAX.

P1 MAX ebwe3

The earset weighs only 4.8g.

TINHIFI P1 MAX Big Panda 2

P1 MAX comes with a 108 core single crystal copper wire core.

TINHIFI P1 MAX Big Panda 4

The early bird price is 169$.