TINHiFi T4 Plus Review

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review – Most Handsome Bullet

TINHiFi T4 Plus is a successor to the highly-acclaimed T4 IEMs from the brand. The pair have got redesigned 10mm driver architecture with excellent new looks. TINHiFi has treated the set with premium wooden face plates.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review 7

TINHiFi T4 Plus comes equipped with a newly-developed 10mm external magnetic circuit dynamic driver unit. It adopts a high-quality 3rd-generation CNT diaphragm.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review

T4 Plus benefits from a super magnetic circuit design. It is composed of high-magnetic conductivity alloy materials and CNC processing. This circuity produces a powerful magnetic thrust, about 50% more powerful than traditional driver units. It makes the diaphragm movement swift and results in a cleaner sound presentation.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review
Each earpiece weighs only 4 grams.

The new T4 Plus comes equipped with a Carbon Nanotube composite diaphragm coil. It is lighter in weight and more stable compared to previous-generation CNT diaphragms. This diaphragm and the imported CCAW Voice Coil enable the pair to produce quality sound with lower distortion and improved clarity.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review
One of the best stock cables in this price range.

TINHiFi T4 Plus comes packed with a 2-pin 0.78mm cable made up of high-purity silver-plated enameled cables. They have excellent tensile strength and don’t get tangled easily. 


  • 3rd Generation CNT Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.
  • Excellent Build Quality.
  • Specially Designed Magnetic Circuit Design.
  • Imported CCAW Ultra-Fine Voice Coil.
  • Embedded High-Grade Wooden Facepanels.
  • High-Quality Silver-plated Stock Cable.
  • Composite Silicone Slow Rebound Sponge Tips.
  • High-Quality Carry Case.


  • Impedance: 32Ω±15%.
  • Driver Unit: 10mm External Magnetic CNT.
  • Max Power: 5mW.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz.
  • Single-Earpiece Weight: 4 grams.
  • Sensitivity: 106±3dB.

Price: $119

I would like to thank TINHiFi for providing me with the review sample of T4 Plus (no affiliate link).

What’s in the box


I find the T4 Plus to be one of the better-tuned IEMs that are somewhat Harman-ish, having a natural presentation, an above-average soundstage, as well as accurate imaging capabilities, which really impressed me whenever I listen to them.

TINHifi T4 Plus FR Graph


You can really feel the sub-bass rumbling away on the T4 Plus, giving that deep baseline that creates that feeling of being “filled” and not lacking in any way. Mid-bass is also well articulated, punches and hits are impactful and agile at the same time. Drums are bass guitars that really shine on the T4 Plus where there isn’t any bass bleed, good punch, and rumble that goes well with epic wartime genres. The T4 Plus’s bass performance (details and separation) is impeccable, and I really enjoyed listening to it.

T4 Plus delivers a very natural and breathy bass, it is nicely balanced in terms of definition and control. It gives you the bass whenever you need it but always keeps it under control. You have sufficient rumble, good texture, and a well-delivered definition.

Each earpiece weighs only 4 grams.


The mids on the T4 Plus don’t sound recessed whatsoever, vocals still sound natural and spacious in the sense that they don’t sound distant but have that panorama effect. I would like to point out the T4 Plus’s attention to detail here which might make it sound slightly sterile. Another plus point that really made the T4 Plus an absolute joy to listen to is partly due to a relatively balanced upper-midrange gain which, unlike many other offerings, does not have an overly emphasized pinna gain that makes it overly shouty. Again, it is a matter of preference, but it is one of the traits I appreciate about the T4 Plus.

The tonality aspect of the T4 Plus is its most impressive part, but its dynamism and quickness never fall behind either. You have very good dynamism together with great detail retrieval and transparency.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review


Treble performance is applaudable as well as it possesses great extension, well-refined as well as an airy presentation. I did not detect any sibilance or harshness in this region. High frequencies are well extended with great detail ability and most importantly, with great articulation. It personally got me by surprise, as I didn’t expect it to deliver this level of separation. But the treble has great energy but also great balance and smoothness. I would classify its treble as energetic, detailed, and refined which will satisfy most audiophiles’ cravings for treble.

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The T4 Plus nailed most areas right and on top of that, they have impressive soundstage and imaging capabilities that you can find in higher-priced offerings. Tonality and balance-wise they do sound balanced and don’t sound too skewed to either end. To sum it up, it is one of the best single-dynamic driver IEMs that I heard around $100 so far.

TINHiFi T4 Plus Review


The TINHiFi T4 Plus was truly an enjoyable experience with good sonic capabilities and versatility that can satisfy most critical listeners and handle most genres. You might be looking at a winner here with great packaging, build, and sound.