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TinHiFi Tin Buds 3 TWS Review

Tin HiFi released its latest TWS of wireless earphones a month ago, the Tin Buds 3. Tin Buds 3 are designed for audiophiles who want a high-quality audiophile-like sound performance in the TWS form factor. They are equipped with the latest-gen Qualcomm Bluetooth chip and a 6mm micro dynamic driver to achieve that performance while using it over Wireless Bluetooth connections.

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Tin HiFi features Qualcomm’s latest QCC3040 Bluetooth chip on the Buds 3. It is a high-performance low-power Bluetooth chipset that provides the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity to the pair.

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This chipset also makes sure that users get stable and smooth connectivity with lower lag and fewer disconnections. Buds 3 supports aptX Adaptive and aptX-LL transmission codecs for high-quality signal transmission. The pair is equipped with a 6mm micro Dynamic Driver on each side. This driver uses a high-quality Beryllium-plated dynamic driver.

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Tin Buds 3 have 3D printed resin material ear shells, they kinda look like T3 Plus. The pair features hand-painted face plates. Coming forward to the Charging Case with the Buds 3, it’s designed and made of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum metallic alloy. With the help of this charging case, the Buds 3 provides a battery life of up to 30 hours, on a single charge Buds 3 can play up to 6.5 hours.

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Tin Buds 3 are available in two color options, blue and grey.

  • 6mm Beryllium Diaphragm micro dynamic driver
  • Bluetooth v5.2
  • aptX, aptX-ll
  • 90 Days Standby, 6.5 Hours of Play
  • Charging case battery: 400mAh
  • Frequency Response Range: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Price: 89$

I would like to thank Keephifi for providing me with the review sample of TinHiFi Tin Buds 3.

What’s in the box


Tin Buds 3 Unboxing Graph

Mid-tones are the specialty of the Tin Buds 3. It manages to squeeze a solid amount of detail out and around the mids and highs.

It’s noticeable in both male and female vocals, which sound very crisp. Voices have a rough edge when they need to and smooth underlining when it’s in order, they come with plenty of nuances.

The mid-focus is also imminent on typical mid-instruments. Guitars, cymbals, high-hats, and piano play sound lovely natural on the Buds 3 and come with details such as the movement on strings and ‘clonks’ you can sometimes hear in high-quality recordings if a pianist plays with a firm hand.

From the center-mids on up, the Buds 3 sounds brilliant. It’s possible to hear the pressing of piano keys, and it’s hard to overlook the pulling and plucking of guitar strings right before the actual note plays with incredible naturality. Even though the mid-segment of the Buds 3 is aimed more towards the higher frequencies than it dips into the lows, tonality is spot-on.

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Claps, high hats, and snare drums emphasize the width of the impressive soundstage, with good separation and distance between instruments and layers and details coming from your left and right. With the right size of pre-delivered tips, there’s an airiness in the sound you don’t often find on TWS wireless earbuds.

The treble displays a wonderful combination of smoothness and clarity, with vocals always prominent, but never too much so. Like instruments, male and female voices tend toward the higher tones slightly more than the lows, but they do so with naturality and outstanding crispness. The treble, here, is quality over quantity.

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The TinHiFi Tin Buds 3 keeps the lows as neutral as possible. Lower-mids like darker electronic tones and drums are barely emphasized, which helps give the sound a clearer rather than a warmer sound, but again: not too much so. The mid-bass is neither thick nor thin. It keeps its punching far from fat and bloaty, bass strikes are fast and slim. It gives space in the bass area, giving slams impact and making room for multiple bass layers simultaneously. This controlled and almost easy presentation of mid-bass and lower-mids feels honest and works wonderfully for many music genres – but explosive electronic dance tracks aren’t one of them: they can sometimes feel a bit thin on the highest volumes.

The sub-bass, the part you may feel more than you hear, is another story. It reaches impressive depth and can give a proper shakeup in your ears when asked for. It’s the least controlled part of the sound but still more well-articulated than many competitors.

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The TinHiFi Tin Buds 3 sounds so right so often. It’s airy, clear, detailed, and balanced. It’s among the best-sounding wireless earbuds under $100 on the entire market in my opinion. I like the sound signature more than its wired brother the T3 plus IEM. One last thing that I didn’t mention in the review is that these are loud, I mean they sound like they have an AMP circuit onboard. One of the weakest points of Wireless earphones, TinHiFi Buds 3 kills it.