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Topping D90SE

Topping is one of the largest manufacturers of HiFi desktop audio gears based in China. They have a wide range of products focusing both on entry-level and high-tier audiophiles. Today, Topping announced their latest flagship MQA DAC, the Topping D90SE. We know Topping already has a D90 flagship DAC, but this is D90SE featuring a different audio decoding chipset to the former model. Topping D90SE features the all-new powerful ES9038Pro DAC chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. It is a fully balanced DAC offering flagship-grade features such as ultra-low distortion ratings, high-res signal decoding, MQA support, XLR & RCA selectable output, and many more features. Topping D90SE MQA is available to order with a price tag of 899.00$.

Topping D90SE 4

Topping D90 SE achieves industry-leading performance with an ultra-low-distortion rating of <0.00005%. It brings the true details out of our music with great clarity and precision. Not only the output has ultra-low distortion, but it also achieves high SNR ratings that contribute to a pitch-dark noise-free background in the output signal. 

Topping has equipped the D90SE with an all-new powerful ES9038Pro flagship-grade DAC chip from Sabre Technologies. It helps the D90SE decode high-resolution audio signal with ultimate quality and performance. The output signal is transparent providing a supremely clean output signal with excellent dynamics and clarity. It is paired to a 2-nd Gen 16-Core XU216 XMOS USB signal receiver chip that provides HiFi signal decoding characteristics to the D90SE. 

Topping D90SE

Topping D90SE is a flagship-grade Desktop DAC. It offers decoding support for almost all kinds of audio files and formats. It supports PCM signal up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively through a USB connection(Through IIS input DSD1024 decoding is also supported). Apart from these, Topping D90SE also supports full MQA unfolding bringing the latest MQA Technology high-end users worldwide. MQA decoding is supported via USB, AES, Optical, and Coaxial input options.

Topping has featured the advanced Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip in the D90SE. It provides a stable Bluetooth V5.0 connection with high-resolution LDAC/AptX HD/AptX LL/AptX/SBC/AAC wireless transmission protocols.. It utilizes the CSR8675 only for Bluetooth signal, decoding is handled by the flagship Sabre DAC only.

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D90SE is a highly compatible Desktop DAC. It supports Windows 10, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android with plug and play feature. Driver installation is only needed for Windows ASIO applications that is also a very simple process and the driver can be downloaded from Topping’s website.

D90SE features balanced XLR and single-ended RCA output ports. Users get the option to choose between different output options such as, “XLR Only”, “RCA Only”, or “XLR+RCA”. Output option can also be chosen between 4V and 5V for XLR output and 2V and 2.5V for the RCA output option.  

Topping D90SE is not only a dedicated high-end DAC with a fixed output level, it can also serve as a pre-amplifier where you can control the output volume level using the front panel or the remote control.  

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>Flagship ES9038Pro DAC Chip.  

>Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certified.  

>Flagship-Grade Performance With Ultra-Low Distortion.  

>2nd Generation 16-Core XMOS XU216 USB Signal Receiver.  

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz.  

>Native DSD512 Decoding.  

>IIS Input Supports Native DSD1024 Support.  

>MQA Decoding Support across USB, Coaxial, Optical, and AES Inputs.  

>High-Resolution Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity With LDAC Transmission Codec.  

>RCA & XLR Output Support.  

>Ultra-Low Noise Pre-Amp Function.  

>Fully Operational Remote Control.  

Output Parameters(RCA):

>THD+N(A-Weighted): <0.00007%@1kHz.  

>THD+N(No-Weight): <0.0008%@20Hz-20kHz.  

>SNR: 127dB.  

>Dynamic Range: 127dB.  

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(+/-0.3dB).  

>Output Level: 2.1Vrms@0dBFS(4V Mode), 2.6Vrms@0dBFS(5V Mode).  

>Noise: <1.3uVrms.  

>Crosstalk: -124dB@1kHz.  

>Channel Balance: 0.3dB.  

>Output Impedance: 100 ohms.  

Ouptut Parameters(XLR):

>THD+N(A-Weighted): <0.00005%@1kHz.  

>THD+N(No-Weight): <0.0003%@20Hz-20kHz.  

>SNR: 134dB.  

>Dynamic Range: 134dB.  

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(+/-0.3dB).  

>Output Level: 4.2Vrms@0dBFS(4V Mode), 5.2Vrms@0dBFS(5V Mode).  

>Noise: <1.1uVrms.  

>Crosstalk: -139dB@1kHz.  

>Channel Balance: 0.3dB.  

>Output Impedance: 100 ohms.