TOZO HT2 Review

TOZO HT2 Review

TOZO HT2 Review – Bluetooth Headphones – Amazing Value

TOZO introduced several new products this year, mainly focusing on wireless earbuds. Nevertheless, the HT2 marks their debut in over-ear headphones. These inexpensive Bluetooth headphones feature ANC and EQ. They might be an ideal selection for those in search of budget-friendly wireless noise-canceling headphones with a focus on sound quality. Let’s determine if they meet expectations.


  • TOZO HT2 Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
  • 3.5mm analog audio cable
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide & User Manual

Upon initial inspection, the HT2 may not appear particularly remarkable. At first glance, it could easily be confused with any other affordable set of headphones, featuring plastic components and compact ear cups. However, considering its price of forty dollars, it is not surprising that the HT2 possesses such characteristics, and it is undeniably durable. Additionally, the ear pads offer exceptional comfort, allowing me to wear the HT2 for extended periods without experiencing any notable discomfort. Furthermore, its foldable design facilitates convenient storage during travel.

TOZO HT2 Review


The HT2 headphones utilize 40mm dynamic drivers and incorporate their ORGX acoustic technology. Although they may not be the loudest headphones, you will likely find yourself listening to them at maximum volume most of the time. This is typical for a pair of affordable headphones, but what sets them apart is the effectiveness of their ANC. While it may not provide the same level of isolation as other brands, considering the price, it does a good job of reducing more intrusive environmental sounds.

The accompanying app allows you to switch between different modes such as ANC, ENC, transparency mode, wind noise reduction, and adaptive mode. Additionally, the app offers extensive customization options for the EQ, surpassing what other brands typically provide.

TOZO HT2 Review


The HT2 provides Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring a reliable connection with no interruptions. It supports standard CODECs for optimal performance.


TOZO managed to provide the HT2 with an impressive 60 hours of battery life without ANC, and even with ANC activated, users can still enjoy 40 hours of playback time. This exceptional battery life sets the HT2 apart from other headphones in its price range.

TOZO HT2 Review


  • Earphone Type: Over-ear
  • Model: HT2
  • Color: Black/Blue/Pink/White/Khaki
  • Driver: 40mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency response range: 16Hz – 45kHz
  • Audio codec: AAC/SBC
  • Noise control modes: Noise Cancellation/Transparency Mode/Reduce Wind Noise/Leisure
  • Mode/Normal Mode/Adaptive Mode
  • Call noise cancellation: Tri-Mic ENC call noise reduction
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Effective Bluetooth range: 10m
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Music play time (AAC, default setting, 50% volume):
    – Max Noise Cancellation: 40h
    – Noise Cancellation Off: 60h
  • Cable charge time: 2h
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Weight: 254.5g
  • Price: $39.99


TOZO HT2 Review

You have the option to select from various modes on the main page. Imagine a spectrum, where the noise cancellation feature provides the highest level of noise reduction, and the transparency mode offers the least noise cancellation. The other modes fall somewhere in between. Both the leisure mode and wind noise mode allow some noise to be heard through the headphones, making them quite similar when switching between them. On the other hand, the adaptive mode aims to respond to surrounding noise and allows someone’s voice to come through.

TOZO HT2 Review

Moving to the “EQ” tab, there are several options available for adjusting the sound on the headset. By default, the sound curve is flat, but you can select preset modes to customize it to your preferences or based on the type of music you’re enjoying. Additionally, the battery life is conveniently displayed for your reference.



The Lows offer excellent richness and depth, allowing you to fine-tune the sound using EQ. I prefer a slight boost in the sub-bass while reducing any muddiness, resulting in clearer and more distinct frequencies. The HT2 made it effortless for me to achieve this desired effect. It provided a strong bass foundation that added impact and a deep rumble to my music. At times, the bass tones even delivered a cinematic punch, adding a remarkable texture to the overall sound. With the help of EQ, those who love bass but are on a budget can truly enjoy the full potential of these low frequencies.

TOZO HT2 Review


The midrange response on the HT2 is not overly offensive. Although some timbre aspects could use more depth, nothing sounds empty or pushed to the back. Adjusting the EQ can bring out the instruments more, but don’t anticipate getting deep into the details. Luckily, the mids are clear and consistent across the frequency range. While some elements may be slightly obscured due to lack of detail, overall the performances come together smoothly.

TOZO HT2 Review


The high frequencies have a few peaks in brightness, but they can be managed with EQ. Generally, the highs are not tiring. Some frequencies have a subtle shine, but it’s a tone that is barely noticeable in the overall sound. Adding a slight high-shelf with EQ enhances the sparkle a bit, and it doesn’t sound unnatural. In conclusion, I discovered that the treble is quite enjoyable and clear.

TOZO HT2 Review


Tozo’s true wireless earbuds are known for providing great value for the price, and their over-ear headphones are no exception. The HT2 model offers an impressive soundstage, with distinct and well-placed audio elements, including some noticeable height. It’s quite remarkable to experience such precise positioning from affordable headphones like these.

While they may not offer the utmost depth or dimension in imaging, the sound still spreads out nicely, creating a spacious feel. In terms of wireless headphones under fifty dollars, the channel separation on the HT2 is likely the best you’ll find.

TOZO HT2 Review


The HT2 offers impressive personalized sound and technology features. TOZO, known for its exciting wireless products, now presents an over-ear headphone that delivers satisfaction without breaking the bank. While the sound signature may not be flawless, the EQ function enables users to customize it to their preferences. Overall, this headphone provides one of the best soundstages and bass responses for under fifty dollars.