TRN Conch Review

TRN Conch Review

TRN Conch Review – Insane Value

TRN Conch is a new single dynamic driver IEM designed with a 10mm dynamic driver unit that adopts a dual-magnetic circuit and a DLC Diamond composite Diaphragm. This diaphragm combines a high-resistance substrate with a nano-thin layer of DLC amorphous carbon. It results in excellent electroacoustic performance, the driver delivers quality sound with low distortion throughout the frequency band.

TRN Conch Review

TRN Conch benefits from a high-power dual-magnetic circuit design. With an optimized circuit design and high-strength magnetic flux, the driver ensures efficient driveability and low-distortion performance.

The tunning nozzle on the TRN Conch is replaceable. The pair comes with three sets of nozzles. These nozzles can be used to change the sound style of the pair by different sized inner filter diameters and net patterns. The black ring filter has a reference tuning, the blue ring filter has a transparent and detailed sound, and the red ring filter has an atmosphere-enhancing sound tuning.

TRN Conch Review

TRN has optimized the cavity structure of the Conch to achieve a comfortable fit. It has been optimized to provide flexibility to the dynamic driver unit by properly venting the inside air, protecting the pair from air pressure build-up issues. The shells are made using high-quality liquid metal. They offer strength and durability with a mirror electroplated finish.

TRN bundles the Conch with a high-purity stock cable. This cable features a 4-core design with silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper hybrid cable design.

TRN Conch Review

The stock cable has a detachable 2-pin connector design and also offers a swappable termination plug system. TRN includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package of the Conch.

What’s In The Box


  • High-Performance DLC Diamond Diaphragm.
  • 10mm Dual-Magnetic Dynamic Driver.
  • High-Power Dual-Magnetic Circuit.
  • Liquid Metal Cavity Design.
  • Three interchangeable Tuning Nozzle Filters.
  • Professionally Adjusted Sound Tuning.
  • Detachable Cable With 2-pin Connectors.
  • Immersive Sound With Amazing Clarity.
  • Stable Ear-Hook Design.
  • 4-Core Silver-Plated Copper and OFC Braided Hybrid Cable.
  • Swappable Termination Plugs (4.4mm+3.5mm+2.5mm included).
  • Rich set of Accessories.


  • Impedance: 30Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 114dB.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Weight: 7.8grams(Earpieces).
  • Price: $37.99

I would like to thank Shenzhenaudio for providing me with the review sample of TRN Conch IEM.


TRN Conch FR Graph

I tested the Conch with the Atmospheric filter nozzles attached. The other two filters make the Conch sound pretty bright.

TRN Conch is indeed almost neutral with the Atmospheric filters on, and they couple this feature with good technical ability that makes them especially interesting given their price. They use a single 10 mm “diamond-like carbon” dynamic driver.

TRN Conch Review

It offers a slightly warm timbre with a good body. One of the major points that I liked about the tuning of the TRN Conch is its ability to stay relaxed no matter the genre. Of course, all of these positive points allow it to be a brilliant all-rounder. It does not nit-pick recordings or sources and plays well with the sources in my inventory.


TRN Conch has a dynamic low-end reproduction. The bass is punchy, rounded, and very controlled. I found the amount of bass quite balanced. This earphone is by no means a bass head’s delight, rather, it offers a bass that feels precise, accurate, and organic. The sub-bass range feels slightly fuller than the mid-bass range. The sub-bass is perfectly present with good rumble whereas the mid-bass seldom feels light. Apart from that, the Conch has a clean, agile, and natural bass reproduction and in this price bracket, it can easily go for the throne.

TRN Conch Review


TRN Conch’s midrange feels balanced and clean. The vocals are crystal clear with good detail, and mid-based instruments like the guitar or the violin feel organic and breathy. The mids show a good body and the tonality feels right. Male vocals sound adequately bold and authoritative, female vocals sound transparent and open. The vocals are dead-centred. The stereo imaging capability of this monitor is one of its best perks. The TRN Conch presents the midrange to you in perfect control.

TRN Conch Review

The upper midrange is excellently controlled, but energetic at the same time. This is a rare feat and I don’t see this often in this price bracket. The TRN Conch manages to keep things excited and dynamic but never gives in to the congestion. Upper mids have a great extension and they sound crystal clear just like the rest of the spectrum. Overall, the midrange is transparent, resolving, and smooth.


TRN Conch offers excellent energy and dynamism. The treble range is no different than the rest of the frequency range. It is gentle with a good presence and it is detailed. Highs also extend well without hitting that harshness threshold.

TRN Conch Review

Furthermore, the treble carries good detail with great definition and this contributes to the perception of clarity. The effortlessness and smoothness of the signature come from the perfect coherency between the three regions. Combine this with a good technical foundation and you’ve got yourself a sub-50 gem of an earphone.

Technical Performance

The TRN Conch has a very spacious and breathy presentation with a slightly warm, balanced signature. It also has a solid technical foundation. I didn’t expect this kind of agility and speed from a single dynamic driver, however, after critically listening to it for a week, I came to realize that my prejudice was unjust to the monitor.

It offers good stereo imaging, it has a wide and deep soundstage with precise instrument separation. There is plenty of air between the instruments and it is quite easy to follow individual instruments on stage. The layering and the positioning of the instruments are clear and distinct.

TRN Conch Review

The soundstage has very good width and even good depth, which is quite uncommon in this price range. Instruments appear on a wide front which has some depth, but the most important factor is the size of the space they play in, which is quite large in all directions.


TRN Conch is a great IEM for the price. At less than $50 they offer some stunning value, especially when it comes to sound quality and accessories. Therefore, it is really easy for me to recommend the TRN Conch. For the asking price, they have insane value.