TRN T350 Review

TRN T350 Review

TRN T350 Review – Snapdragon Sound

TRN T350 is a brand new pair of dual-driver hybrid TWS earphones designed with a Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver and an 8mm dual-cavity graphene dynamic driver unit. With the help of Qualcomm’s latest QCC3071 Bluetooth chipset, the T350 supports the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity. It has a low-latency operation mode and performs well with lower RF interference, lower noise floor, and a more stable wireless connection with the source device.

TRN T350 houses Qualcomm’s latest QCC3071 Bluetooth chipset that brings advanced Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity to the pair. Compared to the previous generation of Bluetooth connections, the latest V5.3 on the T350 enhances the experience for the users with a more stable connection, low-latency gaming performance mode, low RF Interference, and lower noise floor. The overall experience for the listeners is improved with Qualcomm QCC3071 on the T350.

TRN T350 Review

TRN T350 supports the latest-generation AptX Adaptive audio codec protocol that can render high-resolution audio signal transmission. It enables transmission of the audio signal at a high bit rate of 24-bit/420kbps.

The TRN T350 is a TWS that you can enjoy for music, movies, and gaming. It features a special low-latency gaming mode (on supported Qualcomm SOCs starting with Snapdragon 888) that reduces its latency to a low value of just 68ms. It makes the T350 an ideal pair for gaming and watching videos as well. To enable low-latency mode on the T350, simply tap three times on the right side earpiece.

TRN T350 Review

A professional team of acoustic engineers at TRN has done extensive research on gamers listening habits. They have set the tuning of the T350 to match their requirements, delivering intensified footsteps and enhanced resolution for instruments and weapons.

TRN has equipped the T350 with a dual microphone design. The microphones support Qualcomm’s advanced cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology for crystal-clear voice transmission over phone calls.

TRN T350 supports wireless and wired charging. Once fully charged the T350 provides the users a standby time of up to 25 hours. The earbuds have 7 hours of playback time.

What’s in the box


  • Dual-Driver Hybrid TWS.
  • 1 Knowles High-Performance Balanced Armature Driver.
  • 8mm Dual-Magnetic Graphene Dynamic Driver.
  • Qualcomm’s Latest QCC3071 Bluetooth V5.3 Chipset.
  • Low-Latency Gaming Mode.
  • High-Resolution AptX Adaptive Codec Support.
  • IPX54 Dust and Water-Resistant Sound add
  • 3D Printed Resin Ear Shell.
  • Wireless Charging is Supported (Wireless Charger not included).
  • cVc Noise-Cancellation Microphone Technology.
  • Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Wearing Experience.
  • Price: $102.96

These buds are very comfortable to use. Its ergonomic shape makes it feel like a common wired IEM that has taken into a TWS form. It is on the larger side but the ergonomic shell conforms to the shape of the ears, making it feel invisible when worn for long periods.

TRN T350 Review
Reminds you what? Meze case? Me too.

It’s very IEM-like design does have responsive touch controls. The controls are also very intuitive – double tap to pause or play, long press 1 second to skip or reverse tracks, etc.

TRN T350 Review

To turn off the buds, you just return them to the case. Once the buds are paired to your device, it will automatically pair the next time you use it.

I would like to thank TRN Audio for the review sample of the T350 TWS.


TRN T350 TWS FR Graph


The bass is punchy and tight. There’s no flabbiness and it’s not boomy or bloated. Bass guitars have a nice texture and kick drums are delivered with ample impact with a deep thump and impactful low-ends. However, the bass is not impactful as expected in the TRN T350. The sub-bass is there, with a respectable amount of deep rumble. However, the mid-bass does have more heft and thickness in it.

The good thing about the amount of bass in the TRN T350 is that it does not bleed to the upper frequencies. Neither does it feel fatiguing to the point that it gives headaches to continuous rumbles.


TRN T350 has a pleasant midrange replication. Vocals are emphasized on the Tin Buds 3, with impressive clarity. I must say that the midrange region is where the T350 shine. Male and female vocals are presented well, where it actually floats and have clear diction. Even with busy tracks, the vocals are not carried away.

Although, instrumentals do suffer a little bit from the midrange tuning. They are not sharp but instead sound rounded and thin at times, especially with busy tracks. However, it does have an accurate replication of different instruments.

The midrange has good clarity and articulation. The level of detail is quite high too, which is mostly a result of the treble tuning. Midrange tones are reasonably accurate and there’s no muddiness whatsoever.

TRN T350 Review


You may say T350 is leaning on the bright side as it also has an emphasis on the upper frequencies. It is quite energetic, it does extend well, and has a good sense of control.

The treble has a forward presentation and makes the overall tonality slightly bright. Thankfully, the treble timbre is not too bad, although it does sound a bit metallic.

It’s impressive how cymbals and hi-hats are well separated as if it has a reserved space for their own. Even minute details in the upper frequencies are clearly picked up. It has a good amount of airiness and sparkle at the top, with room to breathe.


The soundstage of the T350 is average. There is enough dynamic range to feel the highs and lows. It has respectable depths and heights, which makes listening enjoyable.

Imaging is also fairly average. It tends to be monodirectional at times but certain tracks with good layering do help the buds to project sound better.

TRN T350 Review


TRN T350 has all the latest Bluetooth tech inside. It also has a solid and clean tuning that suits gaming, movies, and of course, listening to music. 3D printed ergonomic resin shells make it also very handy for everyday use in every condition including the gym. If you have one of the latest Qualcomm phones (Snapdragon 888, Gen 1, Gen 2) you also get one of the best latency performances with the T350 thanks to the Snapdragon Sound tech from Qualcomm. Solid performance, easy recommendation.